Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - hands on

Funcom have been doubly blessed while working on what we’re calling the 360’s first, proper MMORPG. Firstly, Warner Bros announced a brand new movie based on Robert E Howard’s mighty Cimmerian meathead, which would take away the taste of Governor Schwarzenegger’s 1982 B-Movie, and make Conan a far cooler character. But even better than that, Microsoft has given them the go-ahead to adapt their PC game for the truly mighty Xbox 360, taking away the taste of being a PC-only niche title… and making Conan a far cooler character in the process.

Hyborian Adventures is a fantasy-soaked MMORPG set late in the legend of the prehistoric warrior, after he has stabbed, throttled, dismembered and bludgeoned his way to the throne of Aquilonia. The thing is, it turns out he’s not quite as hot at the old government administration as he is at slicing up mythical beasts, so his empire is “spiraling towards the doom of ancient evils,” as you might expect. And this is the chaotic world that you, and hopefully thousands of other 360 owners, will be stepping into.