After Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Ubisoft wants new, "super unique" game pitches from its studios

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

It's no secret that Ghost Recon: Breakpoint didn't meet Ubisoft's sales expectations when it released earlier this year, so much so that the publisher has had to delay a number of its upcoming projects as a result, including the likes of Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and more. 

Reviewers criticised Breakpoint for its lack of originality as a live service-based game, especially considering its similarities to another 2019 Ubisoft looter shooter, The Division 2, and apparently the company has taken the criticism to heart.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, reputed reporter Jason Schreier implied that Ubisoft is encouraging its studios to go crazy with new game pitches, ditching the traditional format that has underscored much of its open world experiences over the last decade. 

"Conversations I've had with people are 'Now Ubisoft is changing their mentality big time.'", explains Schreier, "Now it's all about [how] you have to pitch your game as being super unique, having some unique aspect to it. It all sounds really wild. It's this really crazy atmosphere."

This will come as comforting news to those hardened by years of climbing towers, infiltrating enemy camps, and grinding for new loot in Ubisoft's recent output of games, hopefully heralding in a return to the kind of weird and wacky experiences from the publisher's past (think Driver: San Francisco, Far Cry 2, and Rayman: Origins). Watch this space, Ubi fans. 

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