Ghost Recon Breakpoint recovery plan detailed by Ubisoft

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Ubisoft is committed to improving Ghost Recon Breakpoint and they have a plan to do so, as detailed in a comprehensive development blog. In addition to the chief priority of improving technical performance, Ubisoft details how they plan on continuing to deliver post-launch content and improving the in-game economy, AI teammates, and customization options. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint didn't have the smoothest launch, to put it kindly, and in the weeks since launch has been the subject of enduring criticism for its bugginess, abundance of microtransactions, and overall world design and gameplay. Ubisoft has been open about the amount of criticism and accountable for their part, admitting recently a few of the key flaws that led to such widespread outcry from the community.

In terms of improving stability and fixing bugs, which Ubisoft considers their "first priority," Ubisoft has already launched update 1.0.2, which will be followed by 1.0.3, which will include "fixes on the Drone deployment, on changing the fire rate, on NVGs blocking crosshairs and on the Mission Completion notification pop-up." Finally, update is scheduled for the end of November and will focus on further improving performance based on community feedback.

The blog also details plans for post-launch content coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which includes the game's first raid, coming in December and titled Project Titan, and the Terminator Live Event coming shortly after.

Ubisoft briefly touches on the addition of AI Teammates to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, simply acknowledging their commitment to add them and promising further updates in the future. And as far as what Ubisoft calls "freedom of choice," the blog only promises a "more radical and immersive version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint" and says the development team is working on a way to allow players to "tailor your experience to the way you want to enjoy the game."

Ubisoft says they're looking into making a community survey to help gamers share feedback directly with the developers, which seems the right way to handle a situation where a majority of the community feels dissatisfied with the product. Here's hoping they follow through.

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