After 5,400 dead NPCs and a 267,000-gold bounty, Skyrim player claims that they've "killed everything that was killable"

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One Skyrim player has allegedly killed everything that was killable in Bethesda’s grand RPG, more than a decade and multiple re-releases after it first launched.

Redditor Amelix34 posted their Skyrim stats on the game’s subreddits, which reveals that they killed (murdered?) 3310 people, 693 animals, 401 creatures, 947 undead enemies, 55 Deadra, and 98 Automatons. That massacre added up to over 5,400 deceased NPCs, and even more heartbreaking, a lifetime bounty that reached 267,000 gold.

Commenters were split between being thoroughly impressed (“Congratulations! You are the true world-eater”) and making jokes. “All that’s left now is your character,” quipped one player. Others noticed that the player’s favorite weapon was Dawnbreaker, a weapon given to players to strike down evil, making the bloodshed somewhat ironic.

There’s also one big logistical problem: how does a player even move around Skyrim with an impossibly large bounty? The answer, apparently, is that guards “can’t arrest you if they’re dead.”

Skyrim also doesn’t have a total enemy counter, so it’s impossible to verify whether more killables are running about the open word. But when compared to a similar Reddit post from three years ago, Amelix34’s claim stacks up. 

Three years ago, JaeInSkyrim took to Reddit to announce that “it is finished. 2201 people/NPCs, plus over 2,400 more various creatures, all gone.” Alongside pictures of corpse piles in various towns, the player alleged that they were finally “alone in Skyrim,” a scary thought that I didn’t even think was possible. But it seems that the player's triumph has been officially trumped by another blood-hungry adventurer. 

More than a decade after its debut, the landmark game is still spawning fun community-driven challenges. One other player spent 20,000 gold buying up every food item in the game, only to binge it all in one sitting and explosively die. (Sounds like a Christmas dinner.) Another broke various Bethesda RPGs by spawning in countless cheese barrels just for the pure giggles. I, personally, can't wait for many more years of silly shenanigans in Skyrim. 

We don’t know much about the next game in the series, but one former developer revealed that Skyrim’s magic system is “absolutely going to continue” into The Elder Scrolls 6.

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