Skyrim player spends 20,000 gold buying all the food in the realms, only to eat it all at once and instantly, explosively die

A very dead Skyrim character
(Image credit: Bethesda/amelix34)

One Skyrim player has made the ultimate sacrifice - and several less ultimate sacrifices - to let the world know what happens if you eat every single ounce of food available for purchase in the game's major cities. In short, you die. Explosively.

Reddit user amelix34 posted a video to the Skyrim subreddit earlier this week with this caption: "I have spent about 20,000 gold to buy all the food and ingredients from major cities to see what will happen if I use them all at once." The 60-second clip somehow offers just enough time to watch amelix34 go through the inventory menu to consume dozens upon dozens of various foodstuffs and alchemical ingredients, all chased with precisely three bottles of Skooma.

I have spent about 20 000 gold to buy all the food and ingredients from major cities to see what will happen if I use them all at once from r/skyrim

With a flash of light, amelix34's character then instantly, explosively dies, spurting blood out of unseen injuries about the torso. Yes, some combination of food here managed to eat its way through the body from the inside out, like an especially tasty chestburster.

Commenters on the video are pretty sure that the death was caused by one specific item: the Jarrin Root, which you typically pick up as part of the Dark Brotherhood questline. It deals 1000 damage when you eat it, and I don't think eating 26 potatoes in a row is going to make up that HP deficit. For proper science we probably could've used a few control tests in this clip, but you can't beat that sudden collapse for sheer comedic timing.

If you can't get enough cheese wheels, one RPG scientist has also been hoarding food in Skyrim, Starfield, and Oblivion to show just how far physics have come over the years.

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