After 27 years, puzzle and adventure game icon Riven is getting an Unreal Engine 5 remake with new content from original dev Cyan Worlds, due later this year

Riven remake
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The Unreal Engine 5 remake of Riven: The Sequel to Myst, previously known as Riven: New Discoveries From the Lost D'ni Empire but now officially just called plain-old Riven, is coming this year, original developer Cyan Worlds has announced. 

The Riven remake has technically been listed on Steam (and GOG) for some time (the original game is also on there) as it was first announced in a brief trailer in 2022, but we were lacking some key details, most notably the release date. We still don't have an exact day, but Cyan has confirmed that it's coming to PC and VR later this year. 

"The OG creative team is back to work on the remake," a news release reads. However, the remake is more than just faithful; it's got new content, too.

"This version of Riven is designed to be both a homage to its roots and a leap into the future of interactive storytelling," the developer says in a news release. "Leveraging modern-day technology and the power of Unreal Engine 5, Cyan Worlds aims to recreate and expand on its vision for Riven with development focused on delivering native experiences on both flatscreen and VR platforms. The game will offer an unparalleled level of immersion, allowing players to truly feel part of the enigmatic D’ni Empire while exploring the decaying age of Riven. 

"With new puzzles, expanded storylines, and breathtaking visuals, even those who know the original by heart will find themselves lost again in its depths. Cyan Worlds is dedicated to ensuring that every player's experience is unique and memorable, whether longtime fans or newcomers to the series." Separately, Cyan specifies that you'll "experience Riven like never before, with free movement through a real-time 3D environment."

You can get a brief look at this updated approach in Riven's new 4K teaser trailer:

After the remake's announcement, Cyan Worlds was quick to clarify that it didn't "kill and eat" a fan-run remake of Riven called The Starry Expanse Project. In fact, one of the developers from that project is now working on the official remake.

This isn't Cyan's first remake, of course. Myst got a comparable remake of its own in 2021, and it was well-received by fans – many of whom immediately asked for a Riven remake, and are finally getting their wish. 

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