After 15 years, GTA 6 is seemingly giving GTA Online's little-loved Social Club feature a much-needed refresh

The skyline of the city in GTA 5
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

It appears Rockstar Games is changing up its Social Club system, ahead of GTA 6's full reveal.

Yesterday, November 20, sleuthing GTA 5 community members began noticing some changes to the game's website. Specifically, all mention of of GTA Online's 'Social Club' was taken down from the website, replaced merely with the Rockstar Games logo, as catalogued in the screenshots below.

In the lower of the two tweets just below, it seems the removal of the Social Club branding is a very deliberate move from Rockstar. All mentions of the feature have now been removed, and make mention of only Rockstar Games in its place - seemingly confirming the Social Club is set for some sort of change.

Whether the Social Club is going away entirely, or will just be replaced by another online service, isn't entirely clear just yet. Rockstar hasn't even commented on the changes publicly at the time of writing, so the only information we have right now is whatever the GTA community has managed to dig up.

However, it'd be remiss not to mention the timing of these changes ahead of GTA 6's eventual reveal next month in December. Rockstar acknowledged the sequel in a series of messages from creative lead Dan Houser earlier this month in November, pledging to reveal a trailer for the new game the following month.

It could be that Rockstar will unveil a new Social Club-like feature alongside, or shortly after, GTA 6's reveal next month. The Social Club was launched all the way back alongside GTA 4's debut in 2008, so it's over 15 years old at this point. Maybe Rockstar wants to try something new.

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Hirun Cryer

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