Adam Sander to battle videogame characters in Pixels

French director Patrick Jean's short animated film Pixel s is to be remade into a feature film.

Adam Sandler's production company, Happy Madison Productions will be producing the film, which is currently having its plot elongated by Bedtime Stories screenwriter Tim Herlihy.

The action comedy will also star Sandler, who'll play opposite classic videogame characters such as the Space Invaders, Pac-Man and, er, some Tetris blocks.

The original short film begins when a man throws an old television out onto the streets of New York where it comes alive.

A cloud of pixels travels across the city, turning everything it touches into retro videogame-style graphics.

The city is quickly destroyed by the rampaging 8-bitters as they tear through NYC like it's just an arcade background.

Pixels will open on 17 May 2013, meaning it'll face stiff competition from Star Trek 2 .