Activision shuts down 'dream' Modern Warfare 2 mod after over two years' work

Modern Warfare 2 remastered intel
(Image credit: Activision)

After over two years of development, a huge mod for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is ceasing development.

Known only as "SM2," the massive mod promised to overhaul the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with well over 100 weapons, and revamped gameplay systems like the ping ability. 24 Perks, dedicated melee weapon slots, party chat voice features, and unique progression systems were all promised in the SM2 mod, as a dream game for Call of Duty players.

Now though, that's all shutting down. Earlier this week, a developer on SM2 was sent a cease and desist letter from Activision, demanding they stop all work on SM2 immediately. The entire development team on the mod is complying with the cease and desist letter from the publisher, and all work on SM2 is ceasing with immediate effect.

SM2 hopefuls are gathering together on Twitter to mourn the loss of the prestigious mod. "This has made me incredibly sad," one user wrote, with another adding "All my homies hate Activision." One popular post even uses that much-memed 'Press F to pay respects' prompt from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to mourn the passing of the SM2 mod. 

You can get a glimpse of what SM2 would've been via the gameplay video below. The mod truly would've been a gigantic overhaul for the classic Infinity Ward sequel, seamlessly integrating brand new weapons and Killstreaks into the shooter, and effectively breathing new life into what many believe to be the best Call of Duty game ever made.

It's a sad day for Call of Duty fans, then, and particularly classic Modern Warfare enjoyers. For what it's worth, COD Tracker dubbed this project a "dream game" for any Call of Duty fan, so there are probably legions of fans out there really feeling this cancellation as a kick in the gut.

A recent report claimed Call of Duty 2023 is an extension of Modern Warfare 2, so there's at least good news for those who enjoy the more recent offerings of the Modern Warfare series.

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