Activision compels you, once more into the breach

News just came over the wire from Activision that shortly after your return from shore leave, you'll be redeployed to Port Royal de Champs, France. No, they don't care that your ma has taken ill or that your girl misses you somethin' fierce, so quit your whimperin' and listen up. The aforementioned locale is the setting for a new Call of Duty 3 multiplayer map, appropriately named "Champs," downloadable for free after the holidays. Just in time to help you implement your New Year's resolution to be more gentlemanly while playing CoD3 online.

But wait, there's more! After rekindling your lust for mid-century carnage, Activision will roll out the Valor Map Pack, a collection of five new multiplayer maps for a mere 800 Monopo… er, Microsoft points. Some of the levels contained therein are promised to be downright labyrinthine, making for what we imagine will be some chaotic and claustrophobic combat. Cool.

December 20, 2006