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A whole buncha Split Second DLC announced

It breaks my heart that the world didn%26rsquo;t latch on to Split/Second with the affection that I did. I%26rsquo;m not sure why more wheelmen didn%26rsquo;t jump at the chance to wreck cars on cinematic tracks ripped from Michael Bay%26rsquo;s brain, but it seems like it fared just as well as Blur back in May, so it shouldn%26rsquo;t hurt either game%26rsquo;s feelings. Maybe people don%26rsquo;t want to play racing games in the summer, not matter how fun?

Well, those of you who know of Split/Second%26rsquo;s greatness should be thrilled to know that you%26rsquo;ve at least got some more coming at you in the form of DLC. Today%26rsquo;s Survival of the Rock pack ($4.99 PSN / 400 MSpts) comes with the all new Minepit Park track and the Survival Race mode, which adds a finite lap count toyour defensive battle against a big rig truck that throws explosive barrels at you both online and off.

If a single track sounds non too grand to you, that%26rsquo;s because you%26rsquo;re thinking of them as static Gran Turismo environments, and not like the cinematic crash courses they are. Each ischock full of defensive shortcuts, and explosive exploits, it%26rsquo;s basically like driving around inside a giant weapon.

If that ain%26rsquo;t enough, Black Rock%26rsquo;s also sent details about two more upcoming packs:

The Deadline Pack | October 19th | $4.99 PSN / 400 MSpts
- Deadline Mode - Players can now drift and pick up items that freeze a ticking countdown clock.
- Four new vehicles

Quarry Onslaught Pack | November 2nd | $9.99 / 800 MSpts
- An all new Quarry track with new Power Plays, playable with Race, Elimination , Detonator and Air Strike/Revenge modes
- Onslaught Mode - Dodge waves of Missles online and off. (Sounds like Air Strike with added multiplayer?) Playable on nine tracks.

The DLC may not make a lot of sense until you play the game, but it%26rsquo;s all pretty damned cheap and substantial to boot. Considering that you can get the game now for around $30, you could also get ALL the DLC for less than the cost of a new game... Not bad, says the biased fanboy!

Oct 12, 2010