A Vampyre Story

Oh, to be a LucasArts veteran. To have lived through the days of Monkey Island and Full Throttle, and slipped away when it became about bad Star Wars games. To live as some sort of renegade idealist, criss-crossing the country on a Harley, rounding up a posse of old friends and starting your own development studio to produce a completely original adventure game. It's been done - a few times now in fact, (just look at Psychonauts ) - so could we be about to see it happen again?

A Vampyre Story is the brain-baby of game-art guru Bill Tiller. It stars Mona de Laffite ("after the loading dock in the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride at Disneyland," explains Tiller), an unwilling vampiress who finds herself sharing an adventure with Froderick, her friendly bat companion. Expect pointing-and-clicking on a classic LucasArts level, with vampiric abilities such as shape-shifting playing a part in the game's puzzles.