A Vampyre Story

Just as we found with Psychonauts and the recent batch of Sam & Max games, the spirit of the old Lucasarts classics is seemingly alive and well in A Vampyre Story - not just in the writing, but in Bill Tiller's own art style too.

"There are a lot of influences on my work," Tiller tells us. "One of my favorite artists is Edward Gorey. He might be not that famous in England - he did these great black-and-white ink drawings of Victorian aristocrats in macabre and funny situations. He's the main inspiration, along with Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton. Originally we were planning on making the game in black-and-white, using the Edward Gorey pen-and-ink style.

But we abandoned it when it became clear the color version looked better. I still want to do a short pen-and-ink-looking mini-adventure game, maybe some day."

And, as some sort of litmus test of point-and-click heritage, how many tree stump gags can we expect in the new game? "That tree stump joke never gets old," laughs Tiller. "There'll be a lot of references and homages to 'the old days' - but what exactly, you'll have to wait and see!"