A Star Wars movie from Guillermo del Toro? The Hellboy director says there are great characters, but...

Guillermo del Toro has had talks with Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy and John Knoll about directing a Star Wars film, but don't expect any further confirmation than that - at least not for a good while.

"I will not comment on this, because then somebody will say, 'Oh, Guillermo’s doing [Star Wars]!' and I look like a kook. Neil Gaiman once said that, 'I’d love to write Doctor Strange with Guillermo,' and then all of a sudden on my IMDb I had 'Doctor Strange,'" del Toro recently told Collider. "But saying all of that as a caveat, I would say there’s [sic] some characters that are great, and I have talked to Kathy Kennedy and John Knoll about ideas. But you know, I want to do my shit. I want to do my shit, I want to do it first, and I’m veering a lot towards animation. I love animation."

Indeed, del Toro's animated Netflix original series, Trollhunters, was well-received by both critics and the viewing public, and has been renewed for a second season. That will likely keep him fairly busy for the near future. And while we may not get a full-length live-action film from del Toro, there's always the possibility of him directing an episode of Star Wars Rebels or something similar.

Mostly, I'm curious about which characters del Toro spoke with Kennedy and Knoll about. I can easily imagine a Jabba the Hutt solo film with del Toro at the helm being amazing. What about you? Any ideas on which Star Wars character del Toro could make a quality film about?

Images: Lucasfilm / Disney

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