A Quiet Place Part II trailer breakdown: 5 questions we have about the horror sequel

The very first A Quiet Place Part II trailer is here, and we have questions. Five to be exact. We see returning characters, new adversaries, and even a flashback to "Day 1" of the alien invasion. Below, we dive into our questions, but beware, SPOILERS for the first A Quiet Place below.

Will John Kransinski return?

John Krasinski in A Quiet Place

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In the A Quiet Place Part II trailer we see "Day 1" of the alien attacks – glimpsed in flashback form as Emily Blunt’s Evelyn drives her children down a smalltown main street only for panic to quickly spreads as one of the terrifying creatures from the first film starts running amok. In the back seat is little Beau, who we saw die in A Quiet Place.

With Beau back, could we potentially see the film’s other casualty, dad, Lee, played by John Krasinski, back in action? Krasinski has written and directed Part II, but hasn’t indicated whether he’ll return in front of the camera too. But surely if we see the family escape this initial attack, it has to involve him?

Who are Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou playing?

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The only characters the family interacted with in the first film were the old couple in the woods (and they didn’t last long). The A Quiet Place Part II trailer introduces us to Cillian Murphy’s character, who grabs Evelyn to stop her screaming and attracting the creatures, and Djimon Hounsou, seen driving a car and locking the kids in a closet with Murphy

Are they good? Are they bad? Given that Murphy intones darkly that "the people that are left are not the kind of people that are worth saving", it feels like he knows something about the horrors of mankind as well as ETs in this post-apocalyptic world. What is the bigger danger to the family now? Other people or creatures?

Where are the family going?

In the first film, the Abbotts kept to the sound-deadening sand paths that Lee had created to allow them to travel around their farm. But the trailer shows that homestead in flames, no longer a safe place to hide. The family are following the sand trails to their end… and onward to who knows where? They seem to be entering an old run-down mill – who is living there? If anyone? And what are they hoping to find?

How big is the attack?

We saw newspaper headlines in the first film that indicated the size of the attack, and Lee repeatedly tried to get in contact with others via repeated ham radio calls. But, as an audience, we knew as much as the Abbotts about what was going on outside of their farm. The trailer shows destroyed trains and abandoned cars which gives a greater sense of the national picture. But did this go worldwide? Will we see more of the destruction on a global scale? And is there anyone left in government or military who can provide a safe haven? 

How much oxygen do they have for the baby?

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The baby born during a terrifying creature attack in the first film is now with the family, and they look to be toting the padded box and oxygen tank that was a DIY device to keep the infant’s inevitable cries quiet. But how much oxygen do they have? And what will they do when it runs out? How do you keep a baby quiet?

Hopefully, all will be revealed when A Quiet Place Part II reaches cinemas 20 March 2020. In the meantime, check out all the upcoming horror movies coming to cinemas this year.

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