A PS5 modder has beaten the Demon's Souls Tower Knight with a pair of Donkey Kong Bongos

Demon's Souls
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A modder is working their way through Demon's Souls using only the bongo drum controllers from old Donkey Kong games. In a recent video, streamer Super Louis 64 documented his fights against the Vanguard Demon and Tower Knight.

Despite the difficulty that the Souls games are known for, the biggest obstacle that Super Louis had to overcome was getting his musical controllers working in the first place. Getting them wired up to the PS5 wasn't too complicated, but while Demon's Souls has 20 different inputs, each pair of bongos only has five. With two drum kits at their disposal, that offered just ten inputs with which to tackle the entire game, leading to several controls - including the camera - having to be cut from this particular run.

Fortunately, the Souls games' lock-on system seems to have been a reasonable replacement for an actual, functioning camera, and movement, dodge-rolling, and attacking could all be handled with the rest of the inputs. That meant that the Vanguard Demon went down relatively quickly, allowing Louis to advance to the Tower Knight.

Unfortunately, that's where things got a little more complicated. With no camera, it was impossible for the streamer to get a proper look at the boss, and as a result they were forced to spend most of the fight staring at its feet, making dodging around its ranged attacks in particular a significant challenge. Eventually, after a lot of hacking at Tower Knight's ankles, the boss was vanquished. While that's where the video ends, Super Louis says he'll be continuing his bongos run on Twitch, so you can check his progress there.

If you're struggling to beat Tower Knight (or any other boss) - even without bongo drum controllers - check out our Demon's Souls boss guide.

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