A new Titans: Beast World Tour - Metropolis preview sees Jimmy Olsen become the terrifying Turtle Boy

Turtle Boy strikes!
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DC's sprawling Titans: Beast World crossover launched this week with a cracking first issue that saw Beast Boy transformed into the monstrous "Garro". You can check out our interview with writer Tom Taylor here, who discusses both that opening instalment and the various spin-offs that we'll be seeing over the coming months. 

The first of those is published next week. In the 48-page Titans: Beast World Tour - Metropolis, various writers and artists come together to tell three stories of the city that Superman calls home, now threatened by the Garro spores that are spreading around the globe and mutating people into rampaging monsters.

We've got preview details and art for each of the three stories in the one-shot below, but first, check out the main cover and variants by (from left to right) Mikel Janin, Cully Hamner, and Clayton Henry.

'Primal Pain' featuring Dreamer and Jon Kent

The first story in the issue sees Dreamer and Jon Kent battle Livewire, who has been transformed into a super-powered electric eel! Co-written by Nicole Maines and Steve Orlando, with art by Fico Ossio, Luis Guerrero and Rob Leigh, the story is also set to bring Dreamer to the attention of Amanda Waller, one of the major players in the crossover.

'Turtle Boy' featuring Bibbo Bibbowski and Jimmy Olsen

The story that we're most looking forward to is 'Turtle Boy' by writer Dan Jurgens and artists Anthony Marques, Joe Prado and Wade Von Grawbadger. Jimmy Olsen is transformed into a giant turtle and goes on a rampage throughout Metropolis, forcing Bibbo Bibbowski to try and stop him without the help of Superman. This looks like really good fun, and is a direct callback to the cover of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #53 from 1961, which saw the plucky photographer transformed into "the giant Turtle Man." We're loving the art style on this one.

'Don't Stop' featuring Superman and Lois Lane

Superman and Lois join the fray in the issue's final story, which will tie into both the main Superman series and Action Comics in 2024 thanks to the presence of... well, we won't spoil that. Co-written by Zipporah Smith and Joshua Williamson and drawn by Edwin Galmon, 'Don't Stop' sees the duo fighting the spore invasion of Metropolis, but an unseen foe is watching them from the shadows and making sinister plans...

You can follow the full Titans: Beast World story in the following issues:

  • Titans: Beast World #1 (out now)
  • Titans: Beast World Tour - Metropolis #1 (available December 5)
  • Titans: Beast World – Waller Rising (available December 5)
  • Titans: Beast World #2 (available December 12)
  • Titans: Beast World Tour - Gotham #1 (available December 12)
  • Titans: Beast World Tour - Central City #1 (available December 19)
  • Titans: Beast World #3 (available December 26)

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