A new Switch with a second display teased in the system's latest update

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It looks like the latest Nintendo Switch system update may include early references to a new model of console with a second display.

The references were discovered by seasoned system digger Mike Heskin, who shared the results of digging into Switch's new 10.0.0 firmware on Twitter today. According to Heskin, the firmware adds "preliminary support" for a new model with the codename nx-abcd.

Popping "abcd" on the end of the old development codename for Switch sounds like the most made-up thing ever, but it actually lines up with previously discovered codenames for Switch, Switch devkits, and Switch Lite (nx-abca, nx-abca2, nx-abcb, and nx-abcc). Heskin broke it all down a year ago right after Switch Lite and the revised Switch model were announced.

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The most tantalizing detail (unless you're extremely into DRAM profiles) of the apparent new Switch model is that talk of a second display. Nintendo is an old hand at adding second screens to things, but there's no guarantee we'd be looking at a DS-like dual-screen arrangement in this case. It could be a smaller screen used for menus or notifications, for instance, or, ah… a screen on the back so the other people on the bus could watch you play?

This is all just speculation based on external parties dissecting the backend of Nintendo's hardware update process. Even if it's all true and interpreted properly, it doesn't mean the company will actually follow through on all of the little hooks it adds into Switch's firmware ahead of time. Nintendo publicly confirmed that it has "no plans" to release a new model of Switch this year, so it could be a while until we find out.

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