A new Star Wars Star Destroyer has graced Starfield, and at 20,796 mass it's so detailed that it drops the game to "like 15 FPS"

Starfield ship Star Destroyer
(Image credit: Bethesda / Reddit user DotElectronic7174)

A few weeks after one Starfield shipright managed to build an Imperial Star Destroyer so massive that it needed a 21-page how-to guide, another Star Wars lookalike vessel has graced Bethesda's RPG with such detail that it drops its FPS right down to 15. 

Reddit user DotElectronic7174 recently shared their own version of Star Wars' iconic Star Destroyer, and it is a thing of beauty. Over previous renditions of the ship – and there have been a lot in the Starfield ship community – it nails the layered, slate-like hull as well as the subtly distinct metallic textures covering it. The wide-open cockpit is also spot-on, and offers an excellent view of the galaxy just waiting to be destroyed. And those thrusters. This is going straight onto my mental list titled Starfield: best ships.

My Version of a Star Destroyer from r/StarfieldShips

DotElectronic7174 shared a ship builder view of their project – which they claim was made without mods, only relying on console commands and the in-game cheat engine – in the replies to their post, and it clocks in at 20,796 mass with a hull rating of 6,837 and 33,280 cargo. Its top speed? 130. Mobility? 26, and with a jump range of nine light-years. Honestly not bad for such a giant. 

This Star Destroyer is so big, and so far beyond the normal limits of Starfield's ship builder, that it apparently tanks the game's FPS from a normal "above 60" right to down "like 15," DotElectronic7174 said. 

"The thing is slow and some of the turrets sometimes bug out and stop firing," they add. "It's not practical at all but it was worth it."

It certainly looks like it was worth it. As other users have argued, this is maybe the best Starfield Star Destroyer yet. "That’s not your version of a Star Destroyer. That’s just a Star Destroyer. You have your own Star Destroyer," as RushBoomtackle puts it. 

Elsewhere, Starfield pilots are making the tiniest ships they can, including a 199-mass beauty. Here's a crash course on Starfield ship customization to help you make your own dream vessel. 

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