A load of 360 downloads

Xbox Live Arcade content due throughout summer has been dated and priced, thanks to a leaked magazine article apparently from the UK version of Official Xbox Magazine.

On top of the recently released content for Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham Racing 3, there are new bits on the way in the form of a bundle of 'Large' deathmatch maps for PDZ and 'Package B' (Cat and Mouse and Proximity Based Racing modes, plus five new cars) for Gotham.

Both will sell for 500 Microsoft Points (a little over $6), as will Kameo's Hardcore Package, a set of mods - new costumes, harder difficulties and a new co-op mode - that'll extend the game's lifespan nicely, while cementing its status as one of the best-supported 360 titles around.

As for Live Arcade titles, Cloning Clyde and Roboblitz will be appearing sometime between July and September for 800 points (or $10), while oldies like Frogger and Pac-Man will cost 400 points (or $5). And the most expensive Marketplace offering is also one of the most exciting: Lumines Live, an upgraded edition of the classic PSP puzzler, which is offered for 1200 points (a whopping 15 dollars).

There's still no sign of Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting Edition, though, whose vague debut date is still slated as June. Hurry up, Capcom!

June 12, 2006