A gangster RPG is on the way from Image Games and Anshar Studios

Developers Image Games and Anshar Studios are teaming up to create a brand-new gangster RPG.

The studios, whose work has featured as part of the Future Games Show, announced the news this morning, confirming that they had started on the project and are looking to showcase the first look at the game "in the first quarter of next year." Until then, we'll have to wait patiently for the game's name, release date, and consoles the studios are aiming for. 

However, we do have some behind-the-scenes details. It's been confirmed that Marta Fijak, who worked as a designer on Frostpunk, will be the game's creative director, while God of War director David Jaffe will act as a creative consultant on the project. 

In the video above, Fijak says the game will "tell a story about human relationships through the lens of criminal games", while head of production Justyna Supernak says: "Storytelling is our specialty at Platige Image (who are a part of Image Games) and we've created the cinematics for such games as God of War, Frostpunk, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and many more." 

There's clearly a strong pedigree of talent working on the game already then and that's no surprise given the studio's background. Image Games are a combination of Platige Image and Movie Games, and this new studio will focus on producing "AA-class" period crime games. Meanwhile, Anshar Studios, who are currently also working on the cyberpunk-meets-detective RPG GameDec, have recently helped out on games such as Outriders, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and Dead By Daylight. 

Piotr Gnyp, Image Games co-founder, said of the partnership: "For me personally, Anshar Studios is a dream partner to create our first game. In my opinion, it's one of the strongest European studios specializing in indie premium RPGs. Their portfolio is full of games appreciated by players and critics.”

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