A closer look at the Marvel vs Capcom 3 FightStick

Above: The Xbox 360 version

The peripheral builds on Mad Catz' well-received Street Fighter IV fight stick: like that joystick, this one features a ball-handle stick and buttons by leading Japanese cabinet manufacturer Sanwa Denshi, set out in the industry-standard layout popularized by Taito's Viewlix cabinet. Housed in a visibly sturdy build adorned with official MvC3 artwork, it all combines in a package seemingly designed to make players of a certain age wistful for the arcade experience – while provoking whipper-snappers raised on Xbox LIVE and PSN to ask why personal contact with your fellow players would ever have been a desirable experience. My lawn, get off it, etc.

The Marvel and Capcom approved stick will receive a limited production run of just 5,000 units. We’re expecting them to be expensive. But based on our experience with Mad Catz’ Street Fighter IV sticks, we’re also expecting them to be worth every penny. The Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Arcade FightSticks are scheduled to ship in time to combo in perfectly with the game’s February 15 launch date – and is expected to be available on the official Mad Catz web store.

Feb 2, 2011