A Bug's strife

Those of you who have a thing about nasty, itchy, biting bugs might want to avoid checking out this trailer for Exorcist director William Friedkin’s latest horror thriller.

Because Bug is crawling with the little blighters. At least, that’s what the characters believe. We’re introduced to Ashley Judd’s tragic, lonely waitress character Agnes - she’s eking out an existence in a shabby motel, living in constant fear that her abusive ex-husband (Harry Connick Jr, in snarly form) will exploit his recent release from prison to track her down.

The only light in her life comes when she strikes up a tender, tentative relationship with nervous drifter Peter (Michael Shannon). But then things go scare-shaped when the first of the bugs show up and it’s paranoia a go-go…

The flick’s pitched as a mind-twisting psycho-thriller that plays on our fears of insects getting under our skin. Have a look here if you don’t mind either the sight of people scratching like crazy or Ashley Judd.

Source: ( Yahoo Movies )