A BioShock movie is coming and Netflix asks if you'd kindly stay tuned for more

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A BioShock movie is coming is coming to Netflix, and it looks like it will take viewers back to the undersea utopia-gone-wrong of Rapture.

Netflix announced its new collaboration with BioShock owners 2K and Take-Two Interactive on its official Netflix Geeked Twitter account, framing the announcement with an in-universe quote from Rapture founder Andrew Ryan: "We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us." It also includes the infamous "would you kindly" hypnotic suggestion phrase, which was used to make BioShock's protagonist unwittingly follow the orders of Ryan's rival Frank Fontaine.

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Netflix, 2K, and Take-Two aren't have not yet released any other details about the BioShock movie production. While the original BioShock game takes place in 1960, after Rapture has already descended into chaos at the hands of murderous gangs of gene-modified "Splicers," further entries in the franchise have shown us other sides of the city, both before and after its fall. We even took an unexpected trip there in BioShock Infinite's post-release story expansions, despite that game starting off in an entirely different fictional universe.

In other words, Netflix will have a lot of space to play around in with its feature adaptation. As long as there's a lighthouse, a man, and a city, we'll just have to wait and see where the rest goes. 

Netflix is on a roll with video game adaptations right now, with the recent arrival of The Cuphead Show impressing GR reviewer Bradley Russel as "overflowing with charm and creativity." Meanwhile, there are plenty of feature-length options to choose from in our guide to the best Netflix movies.

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