9 times the Ghostbusters outtake reel made us want to be best friends with Kate McKinnon

Some kind soul has posted quite possibly the best bit of the Ghostbusters Blu-ray: a 9 minute outtake reel. Normally gag reels and outtakes are y'know, okay. They might even get a LOL or a BNS (brief nasal snort) from you. This one? It's something else. Kate McKinnon's improvisational comedy skills are not only impressive as hell but also make me want her as my bestie. Here's nine bits that totally cemented my decision. 

1. "Can I offer you a yogurt/Lorna Doone?/chocolate milk?"  

This is how you introduce yourself. All other polite hellos and "lovely to meet yous" pale in comparison to how McKinnon tries to win over Kristen Wiig's scientist. I plan on offering people Hob Nobs now as a way to make a good first impression. 

2. "What doesn't kill you..." 

 ... weakens you. Carting stuff from the 'busters lab, McKinnon really lets rip with the life advice.  

3. "I'm hearse-ty" 

Verbal tomfoolery and off-the-cuff wit are important parts of our personalities that should be cultivated at every opportunity. McKinnon's riff on the Ghostbusters new vehicle is proof of that very fact. Also: Smell the Death is like hearing the Spinal Tap sequel album that never was. 

4. "Holtzie's sorry!" 

"Holtzie's gonna lock it up!" 

5. "I'm thinking of going back to this." 

Who doesn't want a best mate who wants to play dress up and goof around in the middle of a potentially apocalyptic situation? YOLO and all that. 

6. "Sorry... can't fix that." 

Smashing up a guitar, then doing what we've all dreamed of: delivering an eccentric thank you speech to people who have no idea who we are.  

7. "I found a bunch of cut-off ponytails..."  

At last. Someone to go dumpster diving with.

8. "I invented a spore that did this... I hope it didn't get out." 

Another example of taking a dire situation - a street full of frozen cops and a megalomaniac on the loose - and turning it into an opportunity to make light of things. 

Plus, freezing yourself for six months to get out of doing the dishes? Genius. 

9. "Please put the knife teeth away." 

Pretty much the entire last minute.  

Directed by Paul Feig and starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth, Ghostbusters is out now on Digital HD and Blu-ray. 

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