9 Dark Souls 3 GIFs where players get shut the f*ck down

Dark Souls 3 is hard, who knew? Obviously the boss battles are tough, the progression between bonfires is a tortuous exercise in risk management and those stupid hidey guys with the silly hats can totally do one. 

Souls never lets you forget who’s boss. Get cocky and it’ll shut you down faster than you can even think of a swear to adequately express your feelings, let alone actually form the word. 

Let’s start with the classic situation everyone knows, the “Oh thank Christ I got my souls back…” moment: 


Sure about that?

By far one of the biggest sins is gloating. Nothing else makes sure the Dark Souls series fucks you up more than acting like the big man after a win. 

That’s what you get for showboating. 

And for god’s sake, if you kill anything, or find something shiny, don’t just stand there.

While we’re at it, Big Angry Guy With A Pot is a dick. Seriously, dude never knows when to quit. Or put the damn pot down.

That said, they’re not the brightest hunk o' death in the ruin so there's that at least. 

But, still, dick nonetheless. And, while we’re on the subject of Dark Souls 3’s biggest dick, I’m going to put this guy forward for the academy's consideration.

Not cool Axe Guy. 

Sometimes, though, Dark Souls doesn’t even have to really do anything to let you know who’s in charge. It just has a way of letting you know your place in the world.

However, sometimes the game really, really just does want to make sure you’re dead. Like, no doubts. 

Despite everything it's not a game without a sense of humour, so it's always nice to see other people cocking it up. 

Although there are limits. Guys! Come ON!

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