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9 Amazing New Star Trek Shots

Today has been a great day for Trekkers.

Not only have Paramount asked the writers of JJ’s reboot to scribe a sequel – a sign of confidence if ever we saw one – but now a Enterprise-load of ace new trading card pics have hit the net.

And one of them’s a Slave Girl.

Orion Slave Girls go back to the original pilot of the original series, and were one of the many alien species that Captain Kirk (William Shatner) took to his space-bed.

If they’re in, it’s a sign that Chris Pine could be continuing TV Kirk’s womanising ways. You know, in between exploding Romulan spaceships.

Click through the feature to see the pictures – including Spock giving the Vulcan salute to himself – or head for the gallery to your right.





(Via MTV )

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