8 questions from the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer we need answered

The first Spider-Man: Homecoming (opens in new tab) trailer (opens in new tab) landed today and with it we got a first look at Michael Keaton’s villain, a sneak peek at Spidey’s suit upgrades, plus an Iron Man cameo (which is always good). That’s not the only thing the trailer left us with, though - no, the other thing is lots and lots of questions. 

1. Who the hell is Zendaya playing?

This is a question we’ve had for a while as there’s been a lot of back and forth on whether she’s playing MJ in disguise. It bears repeating though, as the trailer reveals just how different Zendaya looks. Gone is her squeaky clean Disney Channel look - in the trailer she has more of a teenage grunge thing going on, which definitely isn’t traditional Mary Jane. That said, how cool would it be if Homecoming turned things on it’s head and made MJ into a more realistic modern high school student? Director Jon Watts hasn’t shied away from making other drastic character changes, so why not this one?

2. Who filmed that Civil War airport fight video?

You know the bit I’m talking about. Peter is suppose to be paying attention in class, but instead he’s watching a YouTube video of him taking down Ant-Man during the airport fight in Captain America: Civil War. What I want know is, who the hell shot that video? Have you seen how close-up it is? The budding filmmaker would have had to have been really close to the action and I don’t remember seeing any by-standers with an iPhones at the time. Maybe one of the Avengers had a GoPro… and got hacked. Maybe. 

3. Why doesn’t Tony Stark want him to take on the Vulture?

Quite a bit of the trailer was taken up by an almost parental-sounding Tony Stark telling Peter Parker to sit this one out. He’s not ready to save the world, there’s people that deal with this sort of thing, he should lay low… It’s interesting behaviour for someone who not so long ago was calling on the young superhero to help him out. Plus, Tony isn’t the most cautious of people, so why is he so keen for Spider-Man to let the Vulture go? Does he know something Spidey doesn't? Could he be involved somehow? Or does he simply want to do right by the young Peter and make sure he’s safe?

4. Why is Spider-Man at Avengers HQ?

This leads us onto why is Peter at Avengers HQ in the first place? We first got a hint that this was going to happen with this set photo (opens in new tab), but the trailer confirmed it. As Tony seems to be talking him down and walking him out in this scene, I’m thinking he wasn’t invited, which begs the question, did he just drop in on the Avengers for a catch up? Awkward. One other possibility is that he broke in. This is a theory put forward by Mike Cecchini (opens in new tab) who thinks Spider-Man, desperate to prove himself an Avenger, breaks into Avengers HQ. This is based on the fact that in Amazing Spider-Man #1 he sneaks into the Fantastic Four headquarters because “he wanted the security (personal and financial) that being part of a superhero team would bring him”. Interesting. 

5. Why will Spidey leave New York?

The trailer also showed us that Spider-Man won’t be sticking to the Big Apple for the whole movie. This cool shot of him climbing the Washington Monument tells us he’s be taking a trip. Question is, why? Maybe the Vulture is a jet-setting villain? Maybe he’s just on a school trip? Either way, I like that Spidey is getting the chance to spread his wings a bit and go outside of New York. Although, I doubt he’ll be gone for long.

6. Who are THESE guys?

You might have spotted the super quick shot of these two possible bad guys in the trailer. Blink and you’ll have missed it, but the one on the left is Community’s Donald Glover, who you’ll probably recognise from the fact that he’s recently been confirmed as Lando Calrissian (opens in new tab) in the Han Solo movie (opens in new tab). The other is Logan Marshall Green, who you might recognise from Prometheus and looking a lot like Tom Hardy. Very little is known about who they’re playing and this is our first look. Speculation seems to point towards them both being villains, with Green possibly playing the role of the Shocker. 

7. What does the Vulture want?

This is the biggie, isn’t it? And more a question for the whole movie rather than just the trailer. But there’s no way I can skip it, not after Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes says: “Don’t mess with me because I will kill you and everyone you love.” I mean, I know he’s a bad guy, but damn - there’s something about his sinister voice that makes me wonder what the hell is so important that Toomes is willing to murder a teenager and ‘everyone he loves’ to get it? The Vulture’s comic book storylines cover everything from him seeking revenge on one of Spider-Man’s buddies, to draining the life from Spidey to become young again, so it could be anything. Obviously, Marvel isn't giving much away.

8. What happened to his Stark suit?

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about then you weren’t paying enough attention. There’s a couple of shots in the trailer where Tom Holland is wearing his old Spider-Man costume, which we saw briefly in Civil War. Given that he’s already had a Stark upgrade by the time of the airport battle scene, I’m wondering why he’ll once again wear his homemade costume in Homecoming. There’s a couple of possibilities; either it’s a flashback and shows what his early days of being a superhero were like, or, maybe Tony Stark confiscated his new suit as punishment for not staying out of the fight with the Vulture like he told him to?

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