7 best moments from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's final trailer: Dinosaur explosions and more

The final trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is here, and it may be the most trailer-y trailer you'll see all week. It has comedy, action movie stunts, more than a few freaky scenes, and even some surfers hanging 10 with a sea monster. In other words, it has a pretty decent selection of moments to digest while you wait for the main course to hit theaters on June 22. Here are some of my favorites.

Past the teeth and over the gums

ProTip: generally speaking, you want to stay as far away from a dinosaur's mouth as possible. When you open your trailer with the main character literally diving through the mouth of an angry dinosaur, you'd better have some good plans for how to follow up. 

Blue goes Hollywood

This little action montage has a charismatic close-up on our winsome raptor friend Blue, then Blue using her tail to whip some gun-toting fool, then Blue leaping away from an explosion. What more could you possibly want? Two raptors? Don't be ridiculous.

One Dinosaur Moon

If you were wondering how they could possibly top that mouth dive and raptor action reel, now you have your answer: a dinosaur howling at the moon like some kind of giant reptilian werewolf.


This scene is so much better if you make a big "chomp" noise with your mouth when the mosasaurus gobbles up that poor dope hanging from the helicopter. Try it! Chommmmp.

Surfin' with the monster

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is busting out all of the Hollywood action/horror tropes right now and I'm surprisingly okay with it!  Maybe just because I'm really, really hoping that there's some classic surf rock playing in the background of this scene.

Ain't no title drop like a Goldblum title drop

Even if Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm only ever shows up in this one court scene (which I hope isn't the case), at least he still gets the distinct honor of delivering the title drop. Hopefully he finds some way to work "Fallen Kingdom" into the next sentence, too.

This is fine

We round out our tour of "movie tropes but with more dinosaurs" with this, the most powerful cinematic appeal to human decency since the baby carriage scene in Battleship Potemkin. Don't worry, I'm sure the little girl is fine - it looks like Chris Pratt busts down the door and shoots the creepin' dino (you see more of the fight in a previous trailer). If only he'd been there to save all those innocent citizens on the steps of Odessa.

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