68-year-old Destiny player phones son to buy him Gjallahorn while he's away

When Destiny merchant Xur turned out to be selling Gjallahorn - arguably the game's most powerful weapon - last week, people went a little nuts. After all, here was an extremely potent item that, for a very limited time, could be purchased using in-game currency rather than praying to the random number generator that it would drop.

Unfortunately, not everyone was at their console that day. In one specific case, a 68-year old Destiny player had to text his non-gamer son with instructions on how to log in and pick up the weapon. In a twist on the old "parents calling their children for tech support" expectation, it was Reddit user "noeljaboy" who received a series of texts from his father explaining how to spend "strange coins" to get this goofily-named rocket launcher from an even goofier-named character in a video game full of aliens, robots, and alien robots.

Take a look:

We imagine noeljaboy's story isn't the only one out there of Destiny players eager to cash in on the seeming generosity of Bungie. What did you do to ensure your ownership of this legendary bazooka?

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