66 Worst Movies Of All Time

A Story About Love (1995)

The Film: Location-jumps from Paris to New York to Cairo to Normandy as it tracks the love lives of various young couples, none of whom you really give a rat’s ass about.

So Bad It's Good? So awful that a Norwegian newspaper famously refused to give it a star rating, stating: “To give [ it ] a rating of 1 would be to acknowledge this product's right to call itself a movie, and that I will not do.”

Hobgoblins (1988)

The Film: Attempted to jump on the Gremlins and Critters bandwagon by unravelling a worn-out yarn about little aliens who have evil intentions. These guys’ MO? Make your dreams come true, but kill you at the same time.

So Bad It's Good? Skin-crawlingly seedy. Stick to Critters .

Disaster Movie (2008)

The Film: If ever there was a more fortuitous title, we’ve never seen it. This celluloid nightmare from the guys behind Scary Movie pastiches a whole raft of big name movies, but never manages to even raise a titter.

So Bad It's Good? Just shockingly bad. Since when was Juno a disaster movie? Or Enchanted ? Utter tosh.

Turks In Space (2006)

The Film: Yet more rubbish from Turkey, this one does what it says on the tin by following what happens when Turkish people head out into the reaches of space. The results aren’t pretty.

So Bad It's Good? We’ll let one IMDb commenter do the talking: “This movie is so bad, I felt insulted. Never see it... Never.”

Merlins Shop Of Mystical Wonders (1996)

The Film: British ledge Merlin settles into modern day America and opens up his own magic shop - the kind of place where malicious, murderous toy monkeys are stocked.

So Bad It's Good? It’s, frankly, batshit crazy – a kid’s film that features horrific levels of violence. Disturbing, and definitely not good.

The Beast Of Yucca Flats (1961)

The Film: Yet another ‘scientific doohicky creates roaming monster’ movie, with a Russian scientist transforming into a monster after getting hit by a nuclear blast. Lots of people die.

So Bad It's Good? There’s topless female nudity and corpse-sniffing rabbits, but otherwise this is truly unremarkable.

Fat Slags (2004)

The Film: Adaptation of the same-named comic, in which two well-endowed slappers make it big and become celebrities. Monumentally bad.

So Bad It's Good? What’s that? You don’t want to see fat heffers wobbling around on-screen behaving like total idiots? Nor do we, come to think of it.

The Final Sacrifice (1990)

The Film: After escaping from a cult, a teenager goes on a quest for the city of evil wrestlers the Ziox, and is helped on his way by a mysterious vagrant.

So Bad It's Good? The plot sounds epic, huh? Well, all it amounts to is a couple of guys fighting other guys wearing ski masks. Nothing to see here, move along…

The Hillz (2004)

The Film: Hey look, it’s Paris Hilton again! This time, the blonde one is the object of our leading man’s affection – except athlete Steve just can’t seem to get Paris to fall for him. Oh, the problems of American teens.

So Bad It's Good? Delusional Hilton-lovers have compared it to A Clockwork Orange . Do not believe this.

From Justin To Kelly (2003)

The Film: Yes, that is Kelly Clarkson, and no, that isn’t Justin Timberlake – but this naff teen comedy clearly wants you to think it is. The titular duo meet one year at a summer camp, and fall instantly in love. We wretch.

So Bad It's Good? So dreadful that even morbid curiosity shouldn’t convince ayou to watch it.

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