66 Worst Movies Of All Time

Zaat (1971)

The Film: Yet more mad scientists doing stupid things to themselves in this ‘70s stinker, as a crazy scientist turns himself into a mutant catfish. Why? He wants revenge on those who have wronged him over the years.

So Bad It's Good? Terrible narration, dreadful folk music, and a plot that stinks to high heaven. We’ll go with no.

Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag (2007)

The Film: Indian action comedy that follows two bodyguards who flee to Mumbai after assaulting a police officer. There, they are employed by a gangster…

So Bad It's Good? Director Ram Gopal Verma also once helmed a remake of The Godfather . This attempt at action-packed comedy is no better.

Too Beautiful (2005)

The Film: Two lady-loving friends want to make it big in show business (er, OK), and it seems their dreams have come true when they meet Valerie, a top model whose father is an influential producer.

So Bad It's Good? So bad that it’s surely a joke…

A Foxs Tale (2008)

The Film: Had a good go at cracking the Pixar market but, really, who were they kidding? A Hungarian offering, Fox’s Tale follows a family of foxes whose lives are turned upside down when their father’s captured and forced to work in a circus.

So Bad It's Good? It’s officially the worst CGI animated movie listed on the IMDb. That takes some doing.

Zombie Nation (2004)

The Film: Had the unfortunate luck of coming out the same year as Zack Snyder’s rather-good Dawn Of The Dead remake, which makes mince meat out of this zombie revenge flick, in which undead women get their own back on a murderous cop.

So Bad It's Good?
So bad that the images on the DVD box aren’t even taken from the film. Shameful.

Pledge This! (2006)

The Film: Oh look! It’s Paris again! And she still looks like a scarecrow! We can't seem to stop using exclamation marks!

So Bad It's Good? It’s basically The Hottie & The Nottie again, as Hilton proves she knows beauty’s only skin deep by playing a sorority president who lets ‘unfortunate’ freshmen girls join her house. Lame.

The Starfighters (1964)

The Film: A fledgling Air Force lieutenant risk his father’s wrath by dreaming of flying fighter planes, rather than heavy bombers. Whatever is he going to do?

So Bad It's Good? No. How can a film about fighter jets be this deathly dull? Painful.

Ben & Arthur (2002)

The Film: Loving gay couple Ben and Arthur have their lives threatened by Ben’s brother Victor, a religious zealout who decides to off them. Something about being ostracised from the church because he’s got a gay sibling.

So Bad It's Good? Nope, the, plot makes absolutely no sense – especially as no Catholic or Christian churches advocate murder as a way of absolving supposed sins. Rubbish.

The Skydivers (1963)

The Film: A tangle of thorny marital issues make this adultery drama almost impossible to understand, as a skydiving boss cheats on his wife, only for his mistress to plot to kill him with another man…

So Bad It's Good? One IMDb commenter pledges “you might slip into a coma from which you might never awake” if you watch this. Best stay away.

Night Train To Mundo Fine (1966)

The Film: An escaped convict and his buddies flee imprisonment (for assaulting a Cuban stronghold) and head back to the American Southwest, where they travel from town to town looting and killing.

So Bad It's Good? It’s directed by Coleman Francis, the same guy who helmed the aforementioned Skydivers

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