66 Worst Movies Of All Time

Son Of The Mask (2005)

The Film: Jamie Kennedy heads up this much-belated sequel to the Jim Carrey classic. He’s an aspiring artist who happens upon a mask of Norse god Loki.

So Bad It's Good? Truly painful, this isn’t a patch on the original. One of the worst scripts ever committed to celluloid.

Time Chasers (1994)

The Film: Also known as Tangents , this comes from the guy who also directed Sean Astin in Icebreakers . The story follows an inventor who attempts to protect his time machine from a sinister CEO.

So Bad It's Good? The film’s original title was fitting – this goes off on a tangent with no discernable end point. Boring.

House Of The Dead (2003)

The Film: Don’t you just hate it when you go to an island for a rave, only to find it’s infested with zombies? That’s the set-up Uwe Boll hurls at us in this disjointed and deliriously bad horror.

So Bad It's Good? You’ll wish you were dead.

Soultaker (1990)

The Film: When they die in a car crash, two teens refuse to go with the Grim Reaper, and end up battling with Death to remain in the world of the living.

So Bad It's Good? A tiny budget and a script that needed a lot of rewriting ensure this belongs in the ‘bad’ category.

Danes Without A Clue (1997)

The Film: Danish ‘comedy’ starring Timm Vladimir and Gordon Kennedy, who play two comedians attempting to put together their own exploitation flick.

So Bad It's Good? Nope. Easily the worst movie to ever come out of Denmark – even Vladimir and Kennedy regret making it.

Surf School (2006)

The Film: A collection of high school seniors attempt to learn how to surf. Why? So they can crash a surf contest. Or something. Yeah, it makes no sense.

So Bad It's Good? Lin Shaye puts in an appearance, which should wake you up for a few minutes, but otherwise this is soulless silliness.

Glitter (2001)

The Film: Like you don’t know it already. Mariah Carey brings a warped version of her life story to the big screen and plays a young singer attempting to make it big.

So Bad It's Good? Savaged on release, Glitter ’s earned its place as a cult baddie that you sort of can’t help but love – like a really ugly baby.

Birdemic: Shock And Terror (2010)

The Film: So bad that its title tells you how you’re supposed to react, just in case. Think The Birds , but without a single scrap of suspense, originality or talent, as eagles and vultures attack a small town.

So Bad It's Good? Almost intentionally bad. We’d rather watch The Birds 2.

L'uomo puma (1980)

The Film: Want superheroes? You got ‘em. Walter George Alton plays Tony Farms, who’s turned into Puma Man when he receives a mystical medallion from a shaman.

So Bad It's Good? Donald Pleasence offers a touch of hammy class. Otherwise, the film’s as ambitious as our hero’s crappy costume - a t-shirt and cargo pants.

Ysei ji (1959)

The Film: Japanese space movie also known as Prince Of Space . The plot follows a mysterious hero who intervenes when aliens invade Earth.

So Bad It's Good? As cheesy as the deli at Tesco, it’s bladder-busting at two hours, but ridiculously funny.

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