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62 PSOne Classics we want on PSN

Back before the Spider-Man movies came along, with their sometimes-good tie-in games, the PlayStation had its own videogame take on everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Drawing on the actual comic books, the Spider-Man games had you performing all the essentials: webslinging, pounding criminals and spouting one-liners. The PSOne games might have lacked the open-world freedom of later games, but that didn't stop them from being a blast. If nothing else, they didn't have Peter Parker doing a disco strut through Manhattan.

32-33. Driver and Driver 2

As many franchises sadly do over time, the Driver games have sunk into mediocre obscurity, growing progressively worse with each new release. That said, the first couple entries were good. Putting you in the shoes of an undercover cop working as a Mafia wheelman, the games were spent racing through the streets of various American cities, trying to outrun the hapless police officers trying to stop you. Fast-moving cars by nature are exciting – just ask the NASCAR crowd. And driving fast cars while being pursued by the police is just plain fun. Exhilarating and challenging, the first two Driver games were enjoyable, high-octane romps and would be a welcome addition to any PSP. Besides, the original’s already been released in Europe; where’s the North American version?