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$60 well spent - Japanese guy beats Demon's Souls in less than an hour

No one ever said  Demon's Souls was an especially meaty game, but its challenge and difficulty seemed to offer gamers at least a somewhat worthwhile experience. But what happens if you're the kind of gamer who can speed through any mind-bendingly tough challenge without a problem? Allow us to introduce YouTube user alternalw.

The player, who also calls himself "God," managed to pull off one of the craziest speed runs we've ever seen. The guy - or girl? - managed to blast through the entire game in just 54 minutes and 54 seconds.

Above: This is not a game that most people can just run through

The entire run has been put up onYouTubein a total of five parts. "Im God who can beat my time? no one," writes the user in the description of each video.

The bigger question is how much time he put into the game before being able to pull off such an accomplishment. Demon's Souls came out in Japan, where alternalw is from, in February of last year. We envision alternalw as a rabid gamer who did nothing but play Demon's Souls for the last 20 months.

But hey, if you're wrack your brains and thumbs out over a game, it's not a bad one to pick. Demon's Souls average Gamerankings review score is 90%. Many of these reviews called out the game's intense difficulty. A translated version of leading Japanese game mag Famitsu reads summed up the gameplay by calling Demon's Souls "a game you learn how to play by losing -- you'll face sudden death frequently."

Yet, it's possible to overcome all those death traps. Watching this video is a thing to marvel. Here's part one:

[ Source:Kotaku]

Oct 19, 2010

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