6 reasons why PS4's next great multiplayer open-world game may be... Everybody's Golf?

The next multiplayer phenomenon for PS4 may also be the latest golf game in a 20-year-old series. Everybody's Golf (formerly known as Hot Shots Golf in the US) lets players create their own smartly dressed avatars then hang out at the country club with friends and strangers online. Just like golfing in real life, you'll probably spend the majority of your time "golfing" doing non-golf things. Bring your swimsuit.

Just to recap, here's some of the stuff you can get up to in the new "open-world environment" - I'm not sure if all the courses are connected, but you're definitely free to goof off however you want on each one.


Kart racing


Clothes shopping


Also golfing I guess

Everybody's Golf will come out in the US on August 27 and Europe on August 30. Sony plans to host a private test starting at the end of May, though it didn't offer any details for how to get in. I'll keep an eye out and let you know if that changes.

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