50 Weirdest Movie Fan Fiction Stories

Evil Dead (1981

The Original: The original cabin in the woods shocker, with Bruce Campbell as unlikely hero Ash.

Fan Version: Hitted Him , in which Ash and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) have a kid together.

Most Disturbing Quote: Dawn grinned, Buffy choked, and Ash- Ash stared at his daughter in complete shock. And when Buffy passed Cheryl into his arms to deal with Tate and the skating academy, he took her automatically, still in shock as she settled onto his hip and curled up against his chest.

Well, he decided eventually, taking a seat to wait as Cheryl began to drift off, and petting her head soothingly as she did- no one could ever say she wasn't he and Buffy's daughter. Williams and Summers blood, through and through.

Alice In Wonderland (2010)

The Original: Tim Burton does live-action fantasy.

Fan Version: Crazy As Hatters . The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) has a tea party with Serenity ’s River Tam (Summer Glau).

Most Disturbing Quote: "Ms. Tam, I hear that you may be just as mad as me, is that true?"

I've been called all types of things, mainly by Jayne who loves to call me a loon every chance he gets, but the grinning fool with orange hair out shines me in every single way.

(and those eyes that change colors by the minutes never judge)

"Quite, Hatter, someone stole my marbles years ago but I doubt I'll ever be as crazy as you, you take the cake, dear-boy."

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008)

The Original: Belated sequel that introduces Indy’s son, Mutt (Shia LaBeouf).

Fan Version: Indiana Jones And The Journal Of The Whills, in which Indy, Marion and Mutt discover hieroglyphs that tell the story of Star Wars

Most Disturbing Quote: Indy began to examine the hieroglyphs closely. The more he looked at them, the clearer their original forms appeared in his mind. He had brief visions of two mechanical beings. One was gold and the size of an average human. The other was short and had a color scheme that was dominated by blue. He looked back at Mutt, who began to point at the hieroglyphs.

"C-3PO," he said. "Human-cyborg relations. His counterpart, R2-D2, was interviewed by the Ancient Order of the Whills. They recorded a history of what happened to a family a long time ago, in a galazy far, far away..."

Scream (1996)

The Original: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are stalked by a phone-loving killer.

Fan Version: The One With Ghostface . A Friends crossover, with Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) receiving a phone call from Ghostface.

Most Disturbing Quote: Before anyone could say anything else, Phoebe went out onto the terrace to talk to Ghostface.

Monica said, "I always liked Gale Weathers."

Dredd (2012)

The Original: Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) cleans the mean streets with his chin.

Fan Version: Second Chance . Javert (Russell Crowe) from Les Miserables is offered a chance to redeem himself – by becoming a Judge.

Most Disturbing Quote: You can be a Judge.

Javert was speechless. He had been judged by the Almighty God, and not only had he not been found wanting, not only was he not to be condemned for his failure, he was going to be elevated.

You will serve the law again. You will *be* the law.

The Exorcist (1973)

The Original: Terrifying book adap about a young girl possessed by the devil.

Fan Version: Possession , which shows us what was happening to Regan internally while she was possessed.

Most Disturbing Quot e: 'Pazuzu' gave an irritated sigh. "Honestly, girl! I'm being nice at the moment. You can't expect me to deal with this. You're already scared of me! I haven't uttered a single curse word, or hurt you in any way!"

Pumpkinhead (1988)

The Original: Gloriously cheesy monster movie starring Lance Henriksen,

Fan Version: The Lost Soul , which mingles the POVs of numerous characters as a woman contemplates raising hellbeast Pumpkinhead to kill a group of prison escapees.

Most Disturbing Quote:
Aeron smiles, "my pleasure." He slits Mia's neck, blood going all over her body. "MIA!" Aeron tosses Mia's body onto the ground, away from him. I sense she has died…

Hello Dolly! (1969)

The Original: All-singing, all-dancing musical starring Barbra Streisand as the titular dame.

Fan Version: Dancing , which uses the original songs as the basis for some naughty lyrics. Warning: this is going to get sexy.

Most Disturbing Quote: Wrap your hand around her waist and pull her close to you
Collapse onto the bed groping her boob
Lips teeth tongue lips teeth tongue lips teeth tongue
Look, we're Frenching
Let her mount you and pull off your clothes
Climb onto your cock and spin

Haute Tension (2003)

The Original: French slasher flick with a twist ending as Alexia’s (Maïwenn) family is butchered by a maniac.

Fan Version: For What May Never Come , set years after the film. Can Marie and Alexia make it work?

Most Disturbing Quote : Instead of rage, I feel lighter inside, like a feather. My accusing gaze goes soft in an instant. "Assuming you're telling the truth, then welcome back Marie!" I don't know why but I'm finding myself embracing the person who murdered my family.

Halloween (1978)

The Original: Jamie Lee Curtis is bait for escape serial killer Michael Myers.

Fan Version: If Time Won’t Tell . Kurt from Glee discovers that Michael Myers is his real dad…

Most Disturbing Quote: I picked up the birth certificate, my heart stopped, and mouth went dry. "dad?" I croaked. In the kitchen Burt hearing my distressed voice walked out. "what is it?" He asked and nearly dropped the soapy plate he was holding. "Why are you in here? you shouldn't be going through that stuff" He said and I stood my eyes getting red and breathing not coming out normally. "please tell me this is a lie, oh please" I said my voice quivering. Burt bowed his head, "no..its not" I felt myself losing the ability to think, my mucles giving out.

You're not you...you belong in a crazy house...

I have heard stories of the boogeyman.

The legend of Michael Myers...

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