50 stunning Skyrim screenshots

Eye on the Sky(rim)

Its not like Skyrim isn't a nice looking game anyway. Its got pretty vistas, sparkly magic, lovely lighting, and some darned impressive dragons to boot. But with the addition of mods and filters all tweaked and fiddled to perfection, Skyrim can be transformed into something nothing short of awe-inspiringly beautiful.

This gallery of 50 stunning Skyrim screenshots is an appreciation of this wonderful gaming art form and the dedicated community at the heart of it. To appreciate the screenshots at a more appropriate size, don't forget to click the icon in the top left of the image for full-screen versions.

These screenshots have been gathered from various internet sources and credited accordingly. If a screenshot you have captured has been included and you would like it to be removed, please let me know.

In the dark

Image captured by: kailay

Dragon Power

Image captured by: Edg3 Gaming

Face up

Image captured by: kailay

"I Took An Arrow..."

Image captured by: Dead End Thrills

Ride about

Image captured by: Charles Bagas

Let there be light

Image captured by: Kyokushinoyama

The North Shore

Image captured by: amoebae


Image captured by: JavierCC


Image captured by: kailay

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