50 Image Comics That Should Be Movies


The Image Comic: Another old school Image title, Todd McFarlane’s comic tells the classic tale of murder, hell, resurrection, revenge and its title character: Spawn.

The Movie Version: Spawn has already been the victim of a dubious 1997 adaptation, but McFarlane has been working towards a reboot with Jamie Foxx expressing his interest. Throw Game of Thrones ’ Gwendoline ‘Brienne’ Christie in as Angela and you have a deal.

Lead Characters: Jamie Foxx (Spawn), Gwendoline Christie (Angela).

Dream Director: Todd McFarlane.

Savage Dragon

The Image Comic: Erik Larsen was one of the co-founders of Image Comics in 1992, and Savage Dragon is one of the last surviving of the publisher’s original titles - starring the bulky, green, titular juggernaut.

The Movie Version: This could explore the background of the amnesiac hero and see him come to terms with the dark secrets of his past as they come to light. Couple this with the bulk and charm of Tatum and the bold visual style of Snyder and away you go.

Lead Characters: Channing Tatum (The Dragon), Eva Mendes (Alex Wilde).

Dream Director: Zack Snyder.

Astro City

The Image Comic: Kurt Busiek’s acclaimed series is an homage to the superhero genre, encapsulating various archetypes and classic stories with a bumper cast of original but familiar characters.

The Movie Version: Astro City offers a brilliant mix of the fantastic and mundane. We would like to give Singer another stab at a classic Superman with Hamm as a mature choice for stand-in Man of Steel the Samaritan.

Lead Characters: Jon Hamm (Samaritan).

Dream Director: Bryan Singer.

The Maxx

The Image Comic: Sam Kieth’s classic series is set in two worlds: in one, The Maxx is a vagrant living in a box.

But in the alternate reality known as The Outback, he is the strange and powerful champion of The Jungle Queen.

The Movie Version: The central story of The Maxx and Julie (social worker and the unknowning alter ego of Jungle Queen) and the unravelling of the mystery of the evil Mr Gone would make the ideal core for the film.

Mickey Rourke is our grizzled hero of choice, and who better to create the surreal double world that Terry Gilliam?

Lead Characters: Mickey Rourke (The Maxx), Charlize Theron (Jungle Queen), Ben Kingsley (Mr Gone).

Dream Director: Terry Gilliam.

Sex Criminals

The Image Comics: Marvel Comics darling Matt Fraction teamed with artist Chip Zdarsky in 2013 for this acclaimed, offbeat indie sci-fi series a young couple who discover they share a unique ability to stop time when they have sex.

The Movie Version: We are only four issues in to Sex Criminals and not an arc into the story.

We imagine the film as a small budget sci-fi/heist/romantic comedy that could take advantage of Dunham’s indie talents while shifting her out of her comfort zone.

Her signature casual nudity wouldn't be out of place, either.

Lead Characters: Felicia Day (Suzie), Adam Driver (Jon).

Dream Director: Lena Dunham.

The Walking Dead

The Image Comic: Image’s longest-running and most successful title, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard have taken their zombie saga into its second decade with over 120 issues.

The Movie Version: The Walking Dead has obviously come to the small screen already. With rumours that the Governor is coming back, the time is ripe for a big-budget, movie blowout.

Lead Characters: Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), Danai Gurira (Michonne), David Morrissey (The Governor).

Dream Director: Frank Darabont.


The Image Comic: Another Rob Liefeld revival, Brandon Graham has created a huge and fantastically imaginative world amid the ruins of the Earth Empire. A host of talented artists has brought to life the many clones of John Prophet, perfect warriors who awaken across the universe on either side of a mighty conflict.

The Movie Version: The storyline is coming to an end, with the fate of the Earth Empire and the rest of the universe in the balance. Mortensen is the grizzled warrior we need to bring this epic battle to a head.

Lead Characters: Viggo Mortensen (John Prophet).

Dream Director: Duncan Jones.


The Image Comic: Police detective Tony Chu is a cibopath - someone with the ability to know the history of whatever he eats. The story of his induction into the FDA became a surprise and runaway hit when John Layman and Rob Guillory launched it in 2009.

The Movie Version: The first arc is a murder mystery and a tale of betrayal ready and waiting for the jump to film. Layman has expressed his interest in casting Lost’s Leung and Holloway in an adaptation (a choice that was later mirrored Lost itself).

Lead Characters: Ken Leung (Tony Chu), Josh Holloway (John Colby), Kristen Connolly (Amelia Mintz), John Rhys-Davies (Mason Savoy).

Dream Director: Peter Jackson (getting back to his Braindead roots).


The Image Comic: Noir meets HP Lovecraft in Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ acclaimed title about the mysterious Jo, a seemingly immortal woman who is irresistible to men and somehow linked to a cult of elder god-worshippers.

The Movie Version: The 24-issue run jumps around between 1930 and the present day. We envisage strands from different periods interweaving into the full story of Jo, with Aronofsky and his penchant for the dark and surreal at the helm.

Lead Characters: Rachel Weisz (Josephine).

Dream Director: Darren Aronofsky.


The Image Comic: Writer Brian K Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples’ sci-fi epic has been making waves with its combination of large-scale space adventures with sharp characterisation and emotional strength.

The Movie Version: The film could follow the first arc, introducing Alana, Marko and their mixed cast of family, friends and foes, and leave room for the sequel that this series would demand.

Webb proved his capacity for mixing action and personality in The Amazing Spider-Man - time to repeat the trick.

Lead Characters: Dominic Cooper (Marko), Rosario Dawson (Alana), Hugo Weaving (Prince Robot IV).

Dream Director: Marc Webb.