50 Image Comics That Should Be Movies


The Image Comic: Image co-founder Jim Lee’s first creation for the newly launched publisher introduced a team of over-the-top ‘90s style superheroes caught in an age-long war between the alien Kherubim and Daemonites.

The Movie Version: The ideal response to Marvel’s Avengers world-building, this ensemble superhero piece would have the benefit of the strong underlying war narrative. Crazy sci-fi epics are, of course, what the Wachowskis do best.

Lead Characters: James Marsden (Spartan), Angelina Jolie (Zealot), Matt Damon (Grifter), Jon Voight (Lord Emp).

Dream Director: The Wachowskis.

Ten Grand

The Image Comic: Former mob enforcer Joe Fitzgerald and his lover Laura have been separated forever by death. Joe jumps at the offer of a job from a supernatural force that promises brief reunions with his love. But what’s the catch?

The Movie Version: Ti West has a reputation for spinning out dark and disturbing tales on a budget. Ten Grand writer J Michael Straczynski has a fine pedigree in film and TV (from Babylon 5 to Changeling ) and would be on hand to help the process along.

Lead Characters: Michael Fassbender (Joe Fitzgerald), Elizabeth Olsen (Laura).

Dream Director: Ti West.


The Image Comic: In Tim Seeley and Mike Norton’s comic, the dead of small Wisconsin town are returning.

No-one is sure why, but they are here and ready to resume the lives they left behind.

The Movie Version: Taking advantage on the mix of supernatural mystery and family drama, this would make a compelling tale of the relationship between police officer Dana Cypress and her revived sister, with sinister supernatural forces bubbling below the surface.

Lead Characters: Emily Blunt (Dana Cypress), Aubrey Plaza (Em Cypress), David Boreanez (Derek Hinch).

Dream Director: Neil Marshall.

Orc Stain

The Image Comic: James Stokoe asks if all orcs are really that bad in this tale of warring armies and the practicalities of orcish existence.

The Movie Version: An all-animated film would let del Toro’s expansive vision run free without constraint, plastering the screen with hordes of monsters and towering kaiju and not a distracting human in sight.

Lead Characters: Andy Serkis (One-Eye), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Bowie), Patrick Stewart (The Orctzar).

Dream Director: Guillermo del Toro.

Nowhere Men

The Image Comic: The four Worldcorp founders are like the Beatles of science, but personal differences have scattered them to the four winds. Meanwhile, a strange and terrible virus has been quarantine on an orbital space station.

The Movie Version: It’s time that science was cool again. This film needs to line up an all-star cast for a film that combines Hard Days Night with Prometheus . Vaughn has the vision and skill to bring the superstar scientists to life.

Lead Characters: Chiwetel Ejiofor (Dade Ellis), Jeff Bridges (Emerson Strange), Jospeh Gordon-Levitt (Simon Grimshaw), Ben Whishaw (Thomas Walker).

Dream Director: Matthew Vaughn.

Rocket Girl

The Image Comic: A new arrival at the publisher, Rocket Girl is DaYoung Johansson, a 15-year-old future-cop who arrives in 1986 New York City to investigate crimes against time. Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder’s heroine returns to 2013 to find an alternate reality which should not exist.

The Movie Version: Hardwicke has proven a capable director of young actors.

What better way to explore the retro world of ‘80s New York than through the eyes of a technologically savvy future teen?

Lead Characters: Kaya Scodelario (DaYoung Johansson).

Dream Director: Catherine Hardwicke.


The Image Comic: Fans are still waiting for the continuation of Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith’s crime series.

Homicide detective Richard Fell finds himself transferred to the savage urban wasteland of Snowtown.

The Movie Version: The atmospheric urban setting begs to be brought to life by Wong Kar-Wai, with Bale delivering one of his standout method performances as the troubled cop.

Lead Characters: Christian Bale (Richard Fell), Maggie Q (Mayko).

Dream Director: Wong Kar-Wai.

Fear Agent

The Image Comic: The modern image classic preceded the newest boom at the publisher and established Rick Remender as a rising comics star. Fear Agent centres around the bombastic adventures of alcoholic Texan spaceman Heath Huston.

The Movie Version: The Coens do sci-fi. We’re imaging The Big Lebowski in space, with a touch of No Country for Old Men grit. And aliens.

Lead Characters: Edward Norton (Heath Huston), Rose Byrne (Mara Esperanza), Kevin Spacey (Jentu).

Dream Director: The Coen Brothers.


The Image Comic: Jim Zubkavich and Edwin Huang’s comic has set out to satirise both the fantasy genre and comics industry in the tale of a dwarf mercenary and his towering barbarian partner.

The Movie Version: Lord and Miller have proven their comedy prowess and imagination with 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie .

It’s time to add some sword and sorcery action to the mix.

Lead Characters: Dwayne Johnson (Baldy), Peter Dinklage (Shorty), Jennifer Garner (Kusia).

Dream Director: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.


The Image Comic: Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski offer an unique look at the life of a superhero.

Retired crimefighter Simon Cooke finds civilian life more complicated than he expected, while crime refuses to hang up its socks.

The Movie Version: Steve McQueen is not one to shy away from the realities of life. His take on the superhero lifestyle would be unforgettable at the very least.

Lead Characters: Aaron Eckhart (Simon Cooke).

Dream Director: Steve McQueen.