50 Greatest Pixar Characters Of All Time


The Character: An Australian pelican who helps Marlin and Dory track down Nemo without ever succumbing to the obvious temptation to swallow them whole. Good man.

Why So Special: He's a savvy character and knows a few things about living on land that his fishy companions aren't wise to. How to escape a flock of seagulls, for one...

Lotso-Huggin' Bear

The Character: The villainous overlord of the Sunnyside daycare centre, Lotso might look cute and cuddly, but that friendly exterior is masking a very troubled soul indeed…

Why So Special:
What with his tragic story of rejection and profoundly damaged psyche, Lotso is one of the most intimidating villains in the Pixar canon. No mean feat, considering his garish appearance!

Rod "Torque" Redline

The Character: The greatest American spy in the world, Rod Redline is as fearless as he is streamlined. Even in the face of death, he's got plenty room for a wisecrack or three.

Why So Special:
Cars 2 might not be everyone's cup of tea, but with Bruce Campbell on vocal duties, Torque is the exception to the rule!

King Fergus

The Character: The bluff, warrior-king father of Brave 's Princess Merida, who can't resist impressing his children with his tales of daring adventure. Unfortunately for him, his stories have had quite the effect upon his eldest…

Why So Special: Billy Connolly brings all his twinkly Scottish charm to bear on this imposing character, who (surprise surprise) turns out to be a big softy underneath it all.

Anton Ego

The Character: A brutally uncompromising food critic, the aptly-named Ego is referred to as the Grim Eater on account of his frequently joyless reviews. Crack a smile, why dontcha?

Why So Special: As well as representing a pitch-perfect parody of restaurant snobs everywhere, Ego also serves up one of Ratatouille 's best scenes, when the titular dish transports him back to a memory of a happy childhood.

Randall Boggs

The Character: A slimy, sneaky, chameleon-like monster with designs on Sulley's status as the company's top scarer. A supreme collector of screams, which is no surprise. Just look at him!

Why So Special: Steve Buscemi plays Boggs with just the right balance of menace and humour. An enjoyably hissable baddie.


The Character: Finding Nemo 's shark gang leader is trying to rehabilitate himself into vegetarianism , but it's tricky when so many bite-sized morsels keep crossing his path. What's a shark to do?

Why So Special: The concept of a vegetarian shark is typically Disney, but one so prone to blood-letting lapses is pure Pixar. He's not a bad guy underneath it all, but nature is nature…

Alec Azam

The Character: The sharp-witted rabbit from Presto (a short initially released to accompany Wall-E ), who continually outwits the magician he works with in order to gorge himself on a well-earned carrot.

Why So Special: Poor old Alec spends most of his time locked in a cage, so it's with great pleasure that we see him put one over on the preening Presto.


The Character: Woody's faithful steed who makes his first on-screen appearance in Toy Story 2 , and was popular enough to warrant a return in Part 3.

Why So Special: Capable of some heavy-duty emoting with his eyes alone, it's Bullseye's look of naked terror that always gets the tears rolling at Toy Story 3 's fiery climax. We wouldn't have been able to cope if he'd have snuffed it!


The Character: A cockroach who has managed to survive mankind's ruination of Earth (he is a cockroach after all), Hal is WALL-E's extremely durable pet during his time on our planet.

Why So Special: He provides the lonely robot with some kind of companionship, which makes it all the more sad when he stays on Earth following WALL-E's departure.

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