50 Greatest Pixar Characters Of All Time


The Character: Monsters, Inc.'s top scare-monger, Sulley is the big blue hairball you might remember stalking your dreams as a child. He doesn't mean it, but a job is a job, after all…

Why So Special: A big old softie at heart, Sulley sets about finding a way to harness children's joy rather than fear in order to eradicate the need to scare them. If you can't see why that's special, somebody's swapped your heart for a lump of coal.


The Character: A country rat with high ambitions, Remy dreams of becoming a celebrated chef in one of Paris's top restaurants. Quite a lofty goal for a rodent, but God loves a trier.

Why So Special:
Poor old Remy is held in disgust by the humans he so venerates, but that isn't about to put him off, as he pursues his dream with admirable gusto. He's an artiste, after all.

Luxo Jr.

The Character: The anthropomorphised angle-poise lamp who made his debut in the 1986 short of the same name, Pixar's first ever on-screen offering. Now serves as the company's mascot.

Why So Special: Every time Luxo comes hopping into frame at the beginning of a Pixar film, we can't help a dopey great smile spreading across our faces. Undiluted movie magic.


The Character: A regal tang with the unfortunate inability to remember much of anything on a short-term basis. Still, she and Marlin make for an excellently odd couple.

Why So Special: Despite her memory trouble, there's no debating Dory's good-hearted nature, and without her, Marlin and Nemo would never have been reunited. Plus, Ellen DeGeneres plays her with supremely loveable charm.

Mr. Incredible

The Character: A retired crime fighter who just can't leave the superheroics alone, Bob Parr is a dedicated family man, but one who's ever ready to answer the call to action. Even if his main motivation is the adrenaline rush…

Why So Special: For a superhero, there's something wonderfully vulnerable about Mr. Incredible, a quality primarily borne out of the fact that he can't ever seem to turn his back on a fight! He's a fully-paid up heroism junkie!


The Character: A Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class, WALL-E is the last robot left on Earth, a planet long deserted by the careless humans who have stripped it of the ability to sustain life.

Why So Special:
As he potters around, cleaning up humanity's mess, WALL-E can't help but be fascinated by the various ephemera we've left behind. Relentlessly inquisitive, he's like a particularly adorable toddler.


The Character: The perma-anxious clownfish, who can't bear to let his son Nemo out of his sight for a second. With good reason as it turns out…

Why So Special: As movie fathers go, Marlin takes some beating. While it's true that he might be a bit over-protective, he sets about conquering his innate nervousness in order to search the ocean for his missing son. Their eventual reunion is a guaranteed tear-jerker.

Mike Wazowski

The Character: A big, round, myopic blob with a fine line in wisecracks, Mike is the long-suffering assistant to Monsters, Inc.'s top scare-merchant, Sulley.

Why So Special:
In another film, Mike might be relegated to mere sidekick status, but Billy Crystal's excitable vocal performance ensures he steals the show from under the nose of his hirsute chum!

Buzz Lightyear

The Character: Toy Story 's delusional spaceman who takes some serious convincing that he is a mere toy, and not in fact a pioneering intergalactic explorer. To infinity, and beyond! Now that's a motto by which to live your life...

Why So Special: Everybody's favourite space ranger, Buzz is probably the coolest character in the Pixar universe, even taking into account his flamboyant Spanish setting. An all-American hero of the first order.


The Character: Narrowly edging out his Toy Story compadre is Woody, the stout-hearted sheriff and de facto leader of Andy's ragtag band of toys. Surprisingly non-camp for a cowboy, too…

Why So Special: Buzz might have all the bells and whistles, but Woody is the heart and soul of the Toy Story trilogy. He might occasionally lose his rag, and he takes Andy's adolescence harder than some of the others, but Woody is the bravest, most loyal toy a boy could wish for.

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