50 Greatest Pixar Characters Of All Time

Big Baby

The Character: The terrifying, all-seeing sentry charged with maintaining order in Lotso's tyrannical Sunnyside regime. Worryingly realistic.

Why So Special:
Quite possibly the creepiest character in the studio's history, Big Baby is the most troubling infant since Renton's heroin withdrawal nightmare in Trainspotting .

Ellie Fredricksen

The Character: The beloved wife of Up 's Carl Fredricksen, with whom she was childhood friends before becoming soulmates. Sadly, she dies in the opening montage, but by that stage, she's already made her mark.

Why So Special: The opening montage is a beautiful portrait of enduring love, and sets the tone for the rest of the film perfectly.

Finn McMissile

The Character: The excellently named spy car who accidentally mistakes Mater for an American spy and ropes him into a harebrained scheme to thwart a conspiracy to sabotage the World Grand Prix. As you do.

Why So Special:
It's Michael Caine voicing a debonaire British spy. As a car. What's not to love?


The Character: Hopper is the cruel and ruthless leader of the grasshoppers, who harbours an unfortunate fear of birds. It's a fear he should have paid more attention to, as witnessed in the film's final reel!

Why So Special:
Kevin Spacey always does villainy rather nicely. His rabble rousing speech (which begins with the murder of several of his subjects) is particularly chilling… although you'd probably go along with it, wouldn't you?

The Abominable Snowman

The Character: A former employee of Monsters, Inc., this unfortunate Yeti was banished to the Himalayas, where he is encountered by Mike and Sulley. To be fair to his bosses, he really isn't very scary.

Why So Special:
Another Ratzenberger special, we love the way Yeti turns his nose up at his more common moniker. "“Abominable! Can you believe that? Do I look abominable to you?”


The Character: Jacques the langoustine is one of the unhappy denizens of the fishtank Nemo finds himself in in the latter part of the film. A born scene-stealer if ever there was one.

Why So Special: Everything from his broad French accent to his apologetic manner ("I am ashamed!") is note perfect. We feel he'd get on well with The Little Mermaid 's Sebastien. Just a hunch.


The Character: The gruff-voiced slinky toy whose flexible body makes his a frequently invaluable part of Woody's gang. Rex still hasn't got the hang of him though…

Why So Special:
We like how badass Jim Varney makes Slinky sound. He's definitely one of the cooler members of Andy's toybox.


The Character: The sour-faced keymaster for Scare Floor F, Roz is the archetypal administration jobsworth, with a fearsome scowl and a temper to match. Cool glasses, though.

Why So Special: Everyone has had to deal with somebody like Roz in the workplace at one time or another. Still, you can't fault her dedication to her job. "I'm watching you Wazowski. Always watching. Always."


The Character: One of Pixar's more diminuitive leading men, Flik is the individualist ant who dares to stand up to the grasshoppers who arrive every season demanding food. He's a renegade, yo!

Why So Special: He's a freedom fighter with no respect for oppressors and the courage to strike out on his own. A braver bug you'd be hard-pressed to find.


The Character: Dug the talking dog is Carl's faithful companion in Up , and a loyal pooch he is too. Witness his sheepish arrival at Carl's door once the house has taken off: "I was hiding under your porch because I love you… can I stay?" Who could resist?

Why So Special:
Not only is Dug extremely loveable, but his reaction to the sight of a nearby squirrel is a joy in of itself.

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