50 Greatest Movie Swimsuits

Big Wednesday (1978)

The Model: Bet you weren’t expecting to see Gary Busey in a swimsuit list, were you. Well here he is. Be careful what you wish for, yeah?

The Swimsuit: Whilst co-stars William Katt and Jan-Michael Vincent are playing safe in red and white board shorts, Busey has gone for the pink option, revelling in the knowledge that his sexuality has never been up for debate.

Overboard (1987)

The Model: Goldie Hawn in the shape of her life, as demonstrated by the image above. Not the sort of thing you expect to see in a family film…

The Swimsuit: The tiniest thong imaginable. So small, you have to peer closely to check it’s really there.

The Little Mermaid (1989)

The Model: Ariel, arousing uncomfortable thoughts in men who should know better since 1989.

The Swimsuit:
A shell bikini, beautiful in its simplicity and environmentally friendly to boot. What’s not to like?

10 (1979)

The Model: Bo Derek, proving that cornrows can be sexy, if paired with an impossibly athletic physique.

The Swimsuit:
A skin-coloured one-piece? You don’t see many of them at Weston-super-Mare.

The Talented Mr Ripley (1999)

The Model: Jude Law, looking very louche next to a worryingly pasty Gwyneth Paltrow. You’ve been upstaged, my dear!

The Swimsuit: A pair of pristine white shorts. A cancer-baiting tan is essential to pull this one off.

Into The Blue (2005)

The Model: Jessica Alba, in one of many scenes devised purely to get her into a swimming costume. Set the whole thing at the beach? Perfect! Now, about that plot…

The Swimsuit: A cute stripey number, that seems to have arranged itself into a rather fetching wedgie. Nobody tell her, eh?

And God Created Woman (1956)

The Model: Not many bikinis get to be shown off by a bona fide screen icon, but Brigitte Bardot is one such model.

The Swimsuit: A surprisingly skimpy (given the time) white bikini, one of the first to be seen on the big screen. Up until then, it had all been about the onesie…

Casino Royale (2006)

The Model: It’s Daniel Craig in the most iconic scene from Casino Royale . After years of womanising, it’s about time Bond gave something back to the ladies.

The Swimsuit: A pair of impossibly tight, baby blue swimming shorts. Don’t even think about trying to recreate this one next time you hit the beach. The result will leave a lot to be desired.

Dr. No (1962)

The Model: Ursula Andress, playing arguably the ultimate Bond girl in the form of Honey Ryder.

The Swimsuit: A cream halter-neck combined with a tiny pair of shorts, complete with a handy knife-holster. Just in case any sharks think about getting fresh…

Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

The Model: Phoebe Cates, pictured here midway through a steamy striptease, albeit only in the mind of co-star Judge Reinhold.

The Swimsuit: A red-hot two-piece. It doesn’t stay on for long, mind…

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