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50 Greatest Movie In-Jokes

Star Trek (2009)

The In-Joke: Kirk refers to Spock as a “pointy-eared Bastard” only for McCoy to retort, “I kinda like him.”

Why It’s Great: It’s a subtle reversal of the traditional TV dynamic, in which Kirk would forever be defending Spock to an increasingly frustrated McCoy. Nice switcheroo.

If It Was Reversed: McCoy would hate Spock, subverting the subversion of their initial dynamic. Put simply, nothing would change!

Toy Story (1995)

The In-Joke: The appearance of the Pizza Planet truck, which goes on to appear in every single film released by Pixar.

Why It’s Great:
The pizza truck offers fans a neat game of eye-spy to pursue throughout the Pixar canon. Have you found them all?

If It Was Reversed: One day we’ll get a Pizza Planet movie, featuring appearances by every one of Pixar’s characters to date. Maybe…

Up (2009)

The In-Joke: Lotso the bear can be spotted in a child’s bedroom, presumably before he found his way to the daycare centre…

Why It’s Great:
Pixar movies are groaning with in-jokes, but this one actually feeds into the plot of Toy Story 3 , giving us a look at Lotso’s former life.

If It Was Reversed:
Unsurprisingly, there’s already a reference to Up in Toy Story 3 , with a postcard from Carl and Ellie pinned to Andy’s notice board.

The Evil Dead (1981)

The In-Joke: A tattered poster for The Hills Have Eyes can be spotted in the basement of the old cabin.

Why It’s Great: Legend has it that the torn poster is a jibe at Wes Craven, who included a torn Jaws poster in the aforementioned horror flick. Either way, it’s a cool reference.

If It Was Reversed: As mentioned before, Nancy attempts to watch The Evil Dead to keep herself awake in Nightmare On Elm Street . What can we read into the fact that she fails?

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory #1 (2005)

The In-Joke: During Wonka’s childhood flashback a trio of children are spotted wearing Halloween outfits. They are replicas of the costumes worn by Lock, Shock and Barrel in The Nightmare Before Christmas .

Why It’s Great:
References to cult films are always pleasing, especially when they’re on the subtle side as this one is.

If It Was Reversed: There would be a Wonkabar poking out of one of the children’s stockings.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory #2 (2005)

The In-Joke: The group walk past a room full of pink sheep, to which Wonka snaps, “I don’t want to talk about it.” It’s a reference to his character in Ed Wood , a cross-dresser with a predilection for pink woollen sweaters.

Why It’s Great:
It would have flown way over the heads of the younger audience, but is a nice reference for the movie-savvy parents in the cinema.

If It Was Reversed:
Ed is seen to be keeping an orange midget locked in a cupboard.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008)

The In-Joke: In the midst of Indy’s escape from the Russians, a jeep hits a crate, revealing the Ark of the Covenant for a split-second.

Why It’s Great: It recaptures the spirit of the original trilogy, something the rest of the film singularly fails to do.

If It Was Reversed:
Indy would mention the existence of bizarre, large-skulled aliens before pissing himself laughing.

Honey, I Blew Up The Kid (1991)

The In-Joke: The Ark of the Covenant makes another appearance, this time in a secret government warehouse full of interesting artefacts…

Why It’s Great: A scene like this basically gives the makers free reign to cram in as many movie references as they can. Rosebud the sled is in there too!

If It Was Reversed: A filler story about a man shrinking his child is spotted in an inside column of a newspaper Indy is reading.

Jason Goes To Hell (1993)

The In-Joke: The Necronomicon is spotted in the Voorhees household, as is a crate marked Arctic Expedition Julia Carpenter Horlicks University, previously seen in Creepshow .

Why It’s Great: The Voorhees home is the perfect setting to crowbar in a whole host of horror references. Creepy stuff.

If It Was Reversed: We wouldn’t be surprised to see a hockey mask hanging in the toolshed alongside Freddy’s glove.

Superman Returns (2006)

The In-Joke: Perry shows Clark an image of Superman lifting a car over his head, a scene that apes the cover art of the edition of Action Comics in which Superman appears for the first time.

Why It’s Great: Every self-respecting Superman fan would recognise that reference. Good work, Mr. Singer.

If It Was Reversed: Superman’s latest adventure would see him save a couple of honeymooners named Brandon and Ruth.

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