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50 Greatest Movie In-Jokes

Captain America #2 (2011)

The In-Joke: At the exhibition Steve and Bucky attend, the original costume of the Human Torch can clearly be seen in one of the glass display units.

Why It’s Great: Not only does this hint at the existence of other superheroes during WW2, it also makes reference to Chris Evans’ previous on The Fantastic Four .

If It Was Reversed: The Human Torch makes a wisecrack about bullshit patriotism when hearing of the legendary Captain America.

The Mist (2007)

The In-Joke: Thomas Jane’s character is an artist, and the canvas we see him working on at the beginning of the film is a recreation of the cover art for another Stephen King property, The Dark Tower .

Why It’s Great: King’s stories are full of in-references (Shawshank Prison crops up in at least half a dozen) and it’s nice to see that tendency transferred to the big screen.

If It Was Reversed: No Dark Tower movie exists (as yet), but should it finally get made, we’ll be expecting in-jokes galore.

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (1991)

The In-Joke: Richard the Lionheart returns from the crusades just in time to catch Robin’s marriage to Marion. And look who’s playing him… it’s only Sean Connery!

Why It’s Great: Not only is their something very knowing about casting a proud scot as the King of England, Connery had also played Robin back in 1976 film Robin and Marion . Double in-joke? Yes please.

If It Was Reversed:
“Maybe one day I’ll be king,” muses Connery’s Robin wistfully…

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre pt 2 (1986)

The In-Joke: The poster art for the trashy horror flick inexplicably parodies the one-sheet for teen comedy The Breakfast Club .

Why It’s Great: It’s awesome because it’s so utterly random. Molly Ringwald’s counterpart isn’t quite so alluring, is he?

If It Was Reversed: Paul Gleason’s character is revealed to have a lamp made of human skin in his office.

X-Men: First Class (2011)

The In-Joke: Lensherr and Xavier look to add a feral recruit to their embryonic super-team, only to be rebuffed in the bluntest possible terms…

Why Iit’s Great: It’s a brilliant way to employ Wolverine’s handy non-ageing capabilities. And who better to deliver the movie’s only swear?

If It Was Reversed: Might we see a cameo from McAvoy or Fassbender in a future Wolverine film? We certainly hope so.

Wayne's World (1992)

The In-Joke: Wayne is pulled over by an angry-looking traffic cop who turns out to be the T-1000. Yikes.

Why It’s Great: It’s extremely daft, but Robert Patrick still plays it with all his trademark menace,

If It Was Reversed: The Terminator would be seen sporting a Crucial Taunt patch on his signature leather jacket.

Watchmen (2009)

The In-Joke: A well-heeled couple emerge from the back door of a theatre where Die Fleidermaus (the bat) is playing, only to be confronted by a crook with a gun. Sound familiar?

Why It’s Great: It’s a thinly veiled tribute to Batman, but an excellently well-layered one. Joe Chill wouldn’t have got away had the Watchmen been around in Gotham.

If It Was Reversed: “You aren’t the first man to appoint yourself a watchman,” comments Alfred to Bruce, “and you won’t be the last.”

Hot Fuzz (2006)

The In-Joke: A copy of Shaun Of The Dead can be spotted at the bottom of a DVD bargain bin, going by the name of Zombies Party .

Why It’s Great: Zombies Party was the actual name by which Shaun Of The Dead was released in several countries!

If It Was Reversed: A copy of Big Bad Coppers is spotted on Shaun and Ed’s DVD shelf.

X2 (2003)

The In-Joke: Mystique hacks into Stryker’s computer where a host of X-Men references await, including nods to Gambit, the Sentinels and Muir Island.

Why It’s Great: Less a “joke” and more a treasure trove of geek-pleasing in-references. Get the pause button ready!

If It Was Reversed: If this sequence happened in the comic books, Stryker’s database would contain a curious reference to one Keyser Soze…

Thor (2011)

The In-Joke: Natalie Portman’s character lends Thor a shirt that belonged to an ex-boyfriend, a man referred to as Donald Blake.

Why It’s Great: In the early comic-books, Donald Blake is Thor’s human alter-ego. One for the real fans, there…

If It Was Reversed: Maybe a future Thor comic-book could feature a billboard advertising the latest Chris Hemsworth movie…

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