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50 Coolest Scarlett Johansson Moments

Sandra Bullock kiss

In 2010, Sandra Bullock was riding the waves of the success of The Proposal , but also suffering the heavy criticism for All About Steve and, more importantly, reeling from a much publicised split from her unfaithful partner. In steps Scarlett Johansson.

At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Bullock made her first public appearance from the split, was candid and witty about the media attention surrounding it and, in a nice, distracting skit, kissed Scarlett Johansson on stage to give everybody something else to talk about. For her part, Johansson was apparently smitten with Bullock after seeing her kiss her husband Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal .

In reality, it felt more like she was helping a friend get over a tough period.

A new love triangle Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

She may have been overlooked in the awards stakes by the more favoured Penelope Cruz, but Johansson’s turn as the free-spirited Cristina provides the film’s more interesting theme counterpoints and prevents it from succumbing to cliché.

This is never more apparent than when she agrees to help the failed relationship between Juan Antonio and María Elena by... well, joining them. And as the three of them become a couple, the shared kiss between Johansson and Cruz garnered much attention, but more interesting is how this new threesome explored Woody Allen’s own original take on the love triangle concept.

Sexiest Woman Alive

Johansson has always courted the sexy side of her career, considered to be one of the most attractive women in Hollywood and frequently posing for photo shoots that do nothing to dispel that opinion.

And, just to prove that this isn't a fleeting moment in the sexy spotlight, she was this year voted as the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine - her second time, in fact, after topping the poll in 2006 too.

Sibling rivalry - The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

It may be filled with more historical inaccuracies than an average episode of The Flintstones , but this film at least explored a previously little-known angle of Tudor past and contained a fascinating central relationship at its heart - that of Anne Boleyn and her sister Mary.

As the flirtatious, feisty Anne (Natalie Portman) tries to win over Henry VIII to become his mistress, he instead becomes besotted with Johansson's more reserved Mary... at first.

The changing affections of the king leads to a bitter sibling rivalry brilliantly played out by Portman and Johansson, both of whom never appear outside of their comfort zone despite portraying figures of English history.

Chair fight - Avengers Assemble (2012)

One of the least impressive Avengers becomes one of the most exciting in the space of just one scene.

From the perfectly delivered double-take of disbelief as her target denies giving away his information to her, to the awesome takedown of her opponents while still tied to a chair, Natasha Romanoff delivers the best proper fight scene of the whole film.

It's the moment that Scarlett Johansson truly earns her place in a team whose members include a flying billionaire, a space Viking and a giant green rage monster.

On video games

In this day and age where the line between movies and computer games is increasingly blurred, it always helps to have an A-lister’s perspective on the connection between the two.

One oft-quoted throwaway response to an interview question perfectly sums up how funny and self-effacing Johansson really is, saying “I hope they make a video game of me. At least I wouldn’t have any cellulite then.”

Marrying Ryan Reynolds

Ok, so we know that it didn’t last, but at the time, ScarJo’s engagement and subsequent marriage to RyRey was the most exciting thing to happen to big showbiz power couples since… well, since the last couple that got together. And broke up shortly afterwards.

The pair began dating in 2007 and were engaged and married just a year later before going on to buy a $2.8 million LA home. Sadly, they filed for divorce just two years later before they could have ridiculously good-looking children.

Secret Whisper Lost In Translation (2003)

It’s one of the best ambiguous endings to a film: Johansson’s Charlotte and Murray’s Bob say a tearful, intimate and very, very quiet goodbye to each other.

With their relationship defying explanation throughout most of the film, this final undisclosed sentiment has been the cause of much second-guessing ever since the film’s release with many transferring their own ideas about the relationship on to this final scene.

And yet, even after 10 years, Murray’s actual words still have a big question mark hanging over them.

The fact is, only two people in that moment knew what was said and the fact that Scarlett Johansson is one of them makes her one of the coolest people in the movie biz.

Becoming Woodys new muse

2006’s Match Point is of the many films that marked a return to form for Woody Allen (he has a return to form every other year, doesn’t he?) and the explanation seemed to be that Woody had found his new inspiration: Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett’s performance was singled out in the film for particular praise and acclaim, while many critics said that her onscreen chemistry with co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers resulted in some of the best acting seen in an Allen film in years.

The collaboration between Allen and Johansson proved so successful, they teamed again for two more films: the lamentable Scoop and the brilliant Vicky Cristina Barcelona . Y’see – we told you he has a return to form every other year.

On being a sex symbol

It’s never easy trying to make a living as a serious actress when the media keep trying to pigeonhole you as a sex symbol.

Even Scarlett Johansson, who has made several strides in her career to get away from the Hollywood bombshell persona struggles with this problem, neatly summing up the dilemma by saying “You work hard making independent films for fourteen years and you get voted best breasts.”