5 gifs from the Tomb Raider movie trailer that prove it's just like Lara's gritty reboot

We’ve seen precious little of the Tomb Raider movie but now there’s something to really treasure: a full trailer. Alicia Vikander channels her inner Tomb Raider reboot to bring you a Lara Croft who stumbles, fails, then gets up and does it all over again. I can dig that.

The most obvious change to the archaeologist’s on-screen persona is that she’s ditched the lycra and gone straight up vulnerable adventurer. The movie has even borrowed more than one or two beats from the rebooted game series for good measure.

Say arrow to Lara Croft

Not only has Alicia Vikander got the prim and proper British accent down to a tee (or should that be tea?),  her on-island garb – complete with bow and arrow, naturally – puts those fears to rest about the movie looking like bad Tomb Raider cosplay. It’s also uncannily similar to the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, so props to the production team.


Dad's the word

Lara may have gone through some family trauma in Rise of the Tomb Raider but her father was long dead by the time the game rolled around. The movie, whilst still very much featuring Lara’s daddy KIA will immediately focus on the search for the Sir Richard Croft’s legacy. And it takes Ms. Croft to a very familiar location…


The Devil's Sea

Aka The Dragon’s Triangle, the forsaken seas where Lara ended up trapped on an expedition to Yamatai in the 2013 game. It makes a return here and, as you can see, the waves are just as choppy. I am shocked something called The Devil’s Sea could prove to be such a problem.


The baddies

Trinity – fresh off making Lara’s life a living hell in both reboot games – make an (un)welcome return here, as shown by their name being scrawled all over a map. For those not in the know, Trinity are a secretive organisation that have existed for centuries in the shadows, intent on wiping out civilizations. They even seem to be headed up by Walton Goggins’ character Father Mathias Vogel. Doubly dastardly, then.


Plane sailing

Another iconic moment from the 2013 reboot works its way into the trailer, with the abandoned plane providing the trailer’s biggest set-piece. Lara also looks handcuffed in this moment, so don’t be surprised to see a reenactment of that brutal capture scene.

 Image: Warner Bros.

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