5 amazing Overwatch moments to start off your week: Mei does it again

Oh Mei. Love her or hate her, she’s one of the most memorable characters in Overwatch. Granted, many of those memories might involve you staring at her little wave from your kill screen. The fact is that this climatologist for justice is often at the center of many hilarious Overwatch moments. To wit:

1. Ice wall, coming up!

She may not seem like the most mobile hero, but Mei’s ice wall lets her traverse maps in unexpected ways for a surprise kill on a Soldier 76 who thought he’d left her in his dust.

2. Ice wall, coming all the way up!

A couple characters have abilities that will save them from a falling death. This quick-thinking Mei manages to Ice Wall her way back into the field of battle.

3. She gets by with a little help from her friends

Proving once again that Overwatch is all about teamwork, this D.Va gets a boost from Mei’s Ice Wall for a point-clearing ultimate.

4. Mei, today's Jackson Pollock

Finally in the Mei highlights of the week, we have this…unusual attempt by a Mei to recreate her ultimate. Those blue lights are just…mesmerizing…

5. I’ll see your Resurrect and raise you an Earthshatter

There’s nothing more disappointing than wiping out a team only to have a Mercy rez undo all that hard work. Luckily for this Reinhardt player, there’s nothing more satisfying that having your own ultimate queued up to mow everyone right back down.

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Anna Washenko
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