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46,000 Wii remotes sold every day in the United States

Of course, for over a year we saw Wii Play top the videogame sales charts. It wasn't a stellar game by any stretch, but it included a Wii remote, a move some saw as a cheesy way to inflate Nintendo's game sales numbers. And now we know exactly how big of a factor that was. Of the 34.85 million Wii Remotes that were sold, 12.92 million of them came from Wii Play. That's more than a third. In other words, it was a genius move by Nintendo.

Even though it wasn't packed in with any huge games, the Nunchuk controller attachment has sold very well. More than 52.9 million Nunchuks have flown off store shelves (including the 30.41 million that were included in Wii console sales).

Above: To many, this was never a Wii game. It was a Wii Remote with a crappy mini-game compilation on the side

The barrage of sales figures paves the way for Nintendo to kick off its Wii Remote Plus campaign. The new version of the Wii controller, which has Wii Motion Plus built directly into it, will be available starting November 7 for around $40.

Oct 25, 2010

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